Why is nasdaq e-mini so "jumpy" today?

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by canadian_dude, Jan 6, 2003.

  1. Anyone notice the e-mini has been bouncing up and down so fast today ALL DAY that you hardly know where to make your bid?

    I know it jumps around a lot at opening, but its 10:45 already and it has been jumping up and down 2 or 3 points almost constantly since opening. I don't think I have ever seen the price move this fast for this long since I started trading them 8 months ago.

    What's going on? I know its a strong "up" day so far, but the price volatility is just nuts. You think you will bid 1042, but see see executions happening at 1045 a second later, then its 1043, a tick at 1046, back down to 1042 again, all within 10 seconds. I hardly know where to make my bid/offer to get a "fair" price. You can't even hit the offer because you don't know what the current offer is, it keeps moving too fast.

    Any insight into this ?????
  2. Problems at Globex. It seems to be fixed now.
  3. yeah, I called e-local and was told its the CME sending out erroneous quotes. that explains everything. I know the eminis move around a lot, but these quotes were ridiculous. I was told to use limit orders only if I did any trading, otherwise I could get "butchered" on the price (their words, not mine)
  4. This is the notice I received with the jumping price quotes. It's still happening as I write this at 11:09

    Notice Number:

    Message: MDAPI 2.0 users are reporting latencies. GCC is escalating.
  5. Globex screwed us all pretty hard today. The quotes were so messed up. I can't believe that they still don't have it together over there.
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    Yes, nice day to have the quotes messed up! :confused:
  7. can we form a class action lawsuit against Globex. I know that you sign those forms when you get quotes, which say the bad data could come accross, but Globex has had bad data TOO MANY TIMES!!! I mean, it gets to a point where a judge will side with you if you can show how the system constantly goes down. I've lost money due to this crap. Is not cool. I do everything to make sure that I have redundancy. I have back up computers. I have a stable internet conection, and a backup modem, ready to connect if needed. I can't believe that I'm doing all that I can, and it still isn't reliable.
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    If you know there are data problems, why not just wait till they clear up or even take the day off?

  9. Sometimes you think the data problem is cleared up and then it comes back. That has happened to me too. It sucks.
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    I switched to the mini-Dow for the day. It was a good work-around.
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