Why is mr. monkey continuously allowed to spam his website?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Romeo, Nov 24, 2003.

  1. Romeo


    and why is this thread being censored?
  2. ET members, please forgive my son. :(He forgets the rules.. not mixing drinking and typing... I'll ask mom to remove his broadband privileges.:D
  3. Romeo


    well, maybe two if alice votes also.
  4. Mecro


    I think it's absurd that mrretard is stil allowed to post his idiotic threads.
    It's pretty obvious to me that it's a joker or a truly sad and deluded monkeyman.
  5. T-REX


    The only way to close a thread is to spam the spammer!

    I was accused of such and got blasted on every post until I got shut down. Its ashame because I had alot of really good trades posted there.
  6. how dare you calling my son romeo a retard?:confused:
    leave em alone, can't you see he needs help??:p multiple personality disorder sure does reek havoc in the kid's mind:D
    show some respect for the less fortunate:( go get em romeo!:D
  7. Romeo why don't you find yourself a nice girl
  8. gms


    Seriously, his screening process wasn't all too bad as it produced what appeared to be good momentum selections, which I concluded could probably yield much better results than his 12.6% average return per trade over an average of 4 months, and eliminate his constant capital infusion needs and costs of lost opportunities, as well as reduce cost of losses if some technical methods and money management principles were used, but apparently his steadfast ego doesn't permit him to see how these modifications would make his method that much better. He acts coy, spins answers, avoids answers, starts new topics instead of staying on topic, asks immaterial questions back, poses specious arguments, uses his well worn 'you didn't go to Wharton so why should I listen to you' argument, which makes one wonder then why post here at all... he's his own worst enemy, really. Too bad, because every thread of his could've been more constructive. I mean, if I had a method that produced 30% a year yet with such long holds and holding through losing positions and needing so many new funds to keep going, if anyone had ideas for upping the performance, man, I'd be all ears and less mouth.
  9. Romeo


    what's your wise guy answer to that?
  10. Romeo


    mr. monkey is a liar and a spammer.
    #10     Nov 25, 2003