Why is mr. market allowed to continuously post crap in the "trading" section

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by Silvain Garnea, Dec 2, 2003.

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  1. dbphoenix


    Who gives a crap about post counts? They can reset it to zero AFAIC.
    #61     Dec 3, 2003
  2. YOU DO!

    3000+ posts, ansd we're wtill waiting for your first specific stock pick.
    #62     Dec 4, 2003
  3. dbphoenix


    I don't trade stocks, genius.
    #63     Dec 4, 2003
  4. jwlabno


    Although I heard that KGB could...
    #64     Dec 4, 2003
  5. And have you made any BEFORE the fact predictions or guesses here?

    Where can I find an example of recent ones?
    #65     Dec 4, 2003
  6. Pabst


    He's one of those, trade what he see's not what he thinks, types. You can tell by the quality of his post's that thinking is not his strong suit.
    #66     Dec 4, 2003
  7. Pabst


    BTW, excuse my ignorance. What does AFAIC mean?
    #67     Dec 4, 2003
  8. dbphoenix


    No. I trade the market as is, not what I think it will be.

    If you're interested in how I trade, for some reason, you can read the pivot and trend threads. Just do a search using my name.
    #68     Dec 4, 2003
  9. dbphoenix


    Apparently, thinking isn't your strong suit, either. :cool:
    #69     Dec 4, 2003
  10. Talk about calling his answer ahead of him and exposing him as the pigeon he is!

    i'm stupid too, what is afaic?
    #70     Dec 4, 2003
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