Why is mr. market allowed to continuously post crap in the "trading" section

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by Silvain Garnea, Dec 2, 2003.

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  1. Baron, I thought you put a stop to this yeaterday. Are you asleep at the wheel today?

    Stop him from wrecking the trading section! For your own good!
  2. dbphoenix


    Who says he's wrecking anything? If you're not interested in his posts, don't read them.
  3. Ken_DTU


    Agree. I think it's not helpful to ET's image to have "bring me meat and cheese I'm huge" yahoo message posters on the threads here.

    I came here to ET to get Away from that type of thing.

    What's helpful is discussing trading strategy, techniques, chart patterns, discipline, position scaling, order routing, etc... related to trading. Professionalism is one of the things I like about ET. Not yahoo posters bragging.

    my .02,

  4. Looks like the member of ET are saying it, of which you have contributed 3000 posts. But if you want me to interprete the results of the above poll for you, i'd be glad to.
  5. Cheese


    Why are there always those with Nazi or crypto-Commie minds wanting to ban someone or have someones threads or posts removed. Use unused brain and ignore someones posts when you don't like them .. Jeeeez.

    Wake up.. America is the land of the free!
  6. If you don't know what you're talking about, keep your hole shut!

    mr. market's thread was closed yesterday by a very, very patient Baron, who finally told him to relegate his chimp talk to "journals". mr. market doesn't want to be in journals, as this is where magna is, and this moderator will delete all monkey talk.

    Now, if you're following this, take away mr. markets monkey talk, and you have nothing left. Hence is why he' doesn't want to post a REAL journal in the journal section.

  7. Because moderators exist for a reason, as do forum topics. There is to much immature bullshit floating around these boards, and it is gradually getting better due to the Mods.
  8. readers please excuse my boy.:( He's having an extreme split personality fit.:D Last night it was O.C.D. full bloom:(

    Ok Silvain Garnea, back in the basement. I'll ask mom for allowance increase.:)
  9. Silvain Garnea

    Registered: Nov 2003
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    12-02-03 12:03 AM
    ET is a great website!
    I'm now convinced this is a good place.

    So there's no reason for me to raise hell anymore.

    Best to everyone, even the moderators.

    O.C.D. I tell you:D
  10. I do believe I know who this is, based on the day you registered. And I must say i'm surprised. If ET is indeed a circus, so be it. Let's go!

    As we say in France, tu as la monkey!
    #10     Dec 2, 2003
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