Why is "MicroCrap" MSFT going up?

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  1. you heard that right "MicroCrap" aka Microsoft. for some reason, MicroCrap is rising from the death of PCs. The arrival of virtualization and zero clients will put the nail on Intel-MicroCrap coffin. It's not a sudden death. it's going to be a slow process. I suspect the institution sponsorship makes this dead cat bounce!!!

    1) big companies will leverage the low maintenance cost of zero client and virtualization, and move away from using personal PC on their corporate network.

    2) the new trend is company nowadays outsourcing their IT department to Software As a Service, Platform As A Service like Amazon AWS. As a result, they don't need to spend money on upgrading the big hardware footprint at the server end: a MicroCrap source of revenue.

    3) MSFT no longer monopolizes the the OS market. Red Hat, Linux, Sun can provide alternative solution, even Google Doc can be used to meet one's documentation requirements.

    4) Mobile devices will also eat away MSFT dominant position.

    5) looking at the charts of DELL and HPQ, they clearly indicate everyone jumping off these two ships. that tells demand for PCs is going down.
  2. There is one way, and one way only, to make the price of a financial asset go up, and that is to buy it. Therefore, the price of MSFT is going up because there are more people willing to cross the bid/ask spread and buy than sell.

    Why is demand greater than supply? Every reason under the sun I suppose. Why ask why?
  3. Because MicroSoft is getting MacroHard.
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    This is all wrong really. The death of the PC is greatly exaggerated and don't even get me started on google docs...such a steaming pile of sht. google docs is okay if you're writing your senior essay in high school.
    No matter how much you want it...red hat and linux are not going to take over. Sun is probably the next viable competitor. I don't doubt that microsoft will go under one day...all companies will.
  5. Big pipeline of disruptive products. Softee will rise again!


    We all know the ancient Greek legend of the phoenix, a giant and beautiful bird that rises from its ashes, renewed and stronger than ever. A few high-tech companies have experienced this same phenomenon.

    Apple (Nasdaq: AAPL) immediately comes to mind. Innovations like the iPhone and iPad transformed Apple from a has-been computer maker into a profit machine and master of the high-tech universe.

    Innovation isn't only what prevents a high-tech company from being just another business. Innovation also excites investors and ignites the spark that creates business phoenixes -- and I recently found another phoenix candidate whose pipeline of innovations is simply mind-blowing.

    I'm talking about the Bill Gates-created giant, Microsoft (Nasdaq: MSFT).

    Microsoft is currently a top performer, but not too long ago, slowing sales in its signature niche diverted investors' attention to supposedly more innovative companies. In fact, most of its $20 billion in revenue and $8 billion in net income in its fiscal third quarter came not from the niche it's famous for, but from its business solutions division.

    The company boasts a strong balance sheet. In March, Microsoft reported just under $77 billion in equity and more than $85 billion in cash with about $14 billion in debt. It has a total market cap of more than $270 billion -- and a dividend yield (quite rare for high-tech companies) of 2.9%.

    On top of its strong numbers, Microsoft has five potentially disruptive products in the pipeline. If any of these amazing innovations catches on, Microsoft's stock could be propelled sharply higher. A look at these potential game-changers:

    1. SideSight
  6. Our 12 month target on softee is 42. Thank you.
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    Check the charts, everything is going up. You can make an utterly useless piece of shit product, lose money when selling it and funds still pick your stock up.
  8. surfer - blah blah... blah you couldn't find the specific reason to back up your blah blah blah I mean opinions.

    future of PCs is not very bright. Zero clients, virtualization, and mobile technology will make MSFT stock drop like a sack of dough! MSFT is up because of institutions sponsorship or else I don't see much growth in the company!

    MSFT threw a lot of fanfares for the arrival of Windows Vista. even named the OS with grand and fancy name - Vista!. Guess what it was an failure. the OS had to be re-worked, and replaced by Windows 7; Then MicroCrap came out with Windows 8. Again, MicroCrap can't deliver, readily admits a failure!!!!

    record shows Steve Ballmer hasn't been a good CEO!!!

    "LONDON (MarketWatch) -- Microsoft Corp. (US:msft) admits the failure of its Windows 8 operating system and is preparing to change key elements this year, the Financial Times reported on Tuesday. The tech firm's head of marketing and finance, Tami Reller, said in an interview with the newspaper that "key aspects" of the operating system will be changed when Microsoft reveals an updated version of the operating system later this year. Analysts compared the U-turn to Coca-Cola Co.'s (US:ko) New Coke fiasco almost 30 years ago, the report said. Read more: Can Microsoft really make a U-turn on Windows 8?Windows 8 was launched in October last year and was called a "bet-the-company" move, seen as a move to compete with Apple's iPad success."
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    You probably bought Apple at 700 right? LOL. Microsoft is not going away anytime soon...so just get used to it. They're making tons of money on xbox now and it was just a side project for them. The important thing is not that they're failing with windows 8...it's that they're hungry for innovation again.
  10. Yeah, every POS stock is going up.
    MSFT is paying a fat dividend. Since all the other dividend stocks have been bid up, people looking at what's left, including dinosaur techs.
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