Why is Michigan not bankrupt with double digit unemployment?

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  1. I hate this state along with the city of detroit. detroit is so shitty that it does not even deserve a capital letter for being a proper noun or the start of a sentence. Why are these shits not bankrupt? I only hear about California which is a state built on excess but is kinda beautiful.

    Michigan unemployment is probably 11 or 12% now using government statistics and who knows once the manipulation is taking out.
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    time is on your side + rest of the states + UK Greece etc.
  3. I hate it too, especially all the dbags that move here to Chicago wearing their Detroit Tigers stuff and talking about where they are from in Michigan, Michigan this and Michigan that.

    Go back to Michigan if it is that great and get out of my city!!! The Detroit Tigers do not play baseball here!!!!
  4. Chicago is a hell of a city! :)
  5. They will be bankrupt. So will CA and other states.
  6. (1) It's taking too long.

    (2) How certain is everyone that they'll be bankrupt. (Failure to pay bondholders.)

    (3) When is the magic date Michigan will fail?

    (4) Which state will be first to go?
  7. I have breaking news.

    It's going to be ass hurt bad just about everywhere.

    Only the insulated narcissists behind Roman Pillars will be insulated from any real effect, and that assumes that the Visigoths don't sack Rome and put the heads of the Potentates on pikes...

    ...that would be ugly.
  8. I don't care what happens as long as bondholders of Michigan but preferably detroit lose every cent for giving their money to such a shitty city and state.

    I would also prefer if Michigan goes out first, not California.

    Is this likely to happen?
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    agreed. go black hawks!!
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