Why Is Michael Moore So Dishonest?

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    The guy is worth like 40 to 50 million. It's public knowledge. Why can't he just be honest?

    Michael Moore won’t admit he is part of ‘the 1 percent’
    Published: 11:09 PM 10/25/2011 | Updated: 12:39 PM 10/26/2011

    Either Michael Moore movies aren’t that profitable for him, or he’s having a real identity crisis.

    During a live made-for-cable-television town hall event on CNN’s “Piers Morgan Tonight” Tuesday, Moore discussed the plight of those hurt by the current economy. When asked by host Piers Morgan to admit that he was a part of the so-called “1 percent,” the enormously successful liberal filmmaker and author flatly denied it. The IRS reports that the top 1 percent of income-earners make a minimum of $343,927 in annual adjusted gross income.

    MOORE: Isn’t that amazing? Really, I’m here talking against my own interests.
    MORGAN: What’s the matter with you?
    MOORE: What’s wrong with me?
    MORGAN: You crazy man. He makes a good point. You’re in the 1 percent?
    MOORE: I’m not in the 1 percent.
    MORGAN: Probably 0.2 percent?
    MOORE: No.
    MORGAN: You’re one of the most successful filmmakers in the country.
    MOORE: No, I’m not. For a documentary filmmaker, I’m doing well.
    MORGAN: You’re splitting hairs.
    MOORE: There’s a big difference between a documentary and “Avatar.”
    MORGAN: There is.
    MOORE: I’m not that. Let me just say –
    MORGAN: There are people watching that say “Michael Moore, rich guy.”

    Moore justified his position by saying he was only able to earn large amounts of money because it was profitable for large corporations.

    “Well, I’m able to do what I want to do and I have the money to make my films in exactly the way I want to make them. I don’t answer to anyone,” Moore said.

    “I can’t be bought because these people have spent $10 at the movie theater to buy tickets to my movies or $3 at the old Blockbuster, when there was a Blockbuster. And as a result of that I get to keep making these movies. But here’s the thing – because I’ve also – I’ve had a peek behind the curtain because these books I write, these movies I make are made for essentially large corporations. The only reason they allow this to happen is because I make them a lot of money.”

    And with that explanation, Moore continued to insist he wasn’t among the 1 percent.

    “Of course I’m not,” Moore said. “How can I be in the 1 percent? No, that’s not true. I do really well. I do well, but what’s the point, though?”

    Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2011/10/25/m...o-admit-he-is-in-the-1-percent/#ixzz1bullO1NG

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  2. He's a liberal.
  3. He is an example of class warfare among the 1%.

    He can't include himself in the 1% because he isn't old money or inherited money or wealth from sin (liquor or gambling). He isn't a wall street boy, he might have their kind of money but it's not same type of money like the "other" 1% money.

    MM probably figures he is exploited by the corporations so that don't count. He's just a poor blue collar guy from Flint just like Mozillo was a poor blue collar guy from the Bronx, just helping people.
  4. Oh please.... he got into the top '1%' by bashing them... there's no rule that says you have to play nice with everyone in your neighbourhood to get in there.

    "MM probably figures he is exploited by the corporations so that don't count." <- this is the silliest thing I've heard in a long time. What does this mean, exactly? So long as anyone in that top 1% sign next to the line "I feel exploited by corporations", it's all good in the neighbourhood?

  5. pspr


    He's just a lying, thieving, low life, fat, ignorant, self centered, cry baby, retarded, belly crawling, vomit mouthed, stupid, cheating, suing, hypocritical, ugly, perverted liberal.
  6. Moore is a fat, smelly, muzzie-loving, Israel-hating idiot. He should be 'dealt with' by the CIA because his vile ugly body is a crime against humanity.

    God bless America and Israel in the war on Moore and Muzzies.
  7. jem


    He is one of the most hypocritcal egotistical liars I could imagine.
    But, he makes good movies.
    he was right about gm being mismanaged.
    he was right about bush being crony loving treasury plunderer
    he was right about debt.
    I am no sure about medicine

    What he needs to do is show how the left is corrupted as well.

    The same groups have so much money that wall street and the insurance companies and drug companies own Obama and corrupted health care.

    Moore needs to make a few movies exposing the corruption on the left.
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    Michael Moore; "I am not fat. Nope. Not fat. I just like to wear loose clothes."

  9. Lucrum


    A limousine liberal who achieved his wealth through free market capitalism, but he hates capitalism.
  10. =========
    Good points, Jake J also;:D
    most haters of the second amendment are like that............
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