Why is Michael Dell looking to buy RadioShack? DELL RSH

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  1. Dell has been considering this for a while now, I think, going back many years. Now the deals are back on the table suddenly probably because the credit markets are now unfrozen.

    I guess Dell needs an established retailer like RadioShack, which has over 4000 locations, to market its brand. RadioShack has been rather strong lately with increasing same store sales.

    Still, why doesnt Dell consider a strategic partnership with other retailers like Best Buy? It seems like he really wants to do this deal.

    Seriously, how much could Dell pay for RadioShack? 20 per share? 25?



  2. Speaking as someone who hasn't set foot in a Radio Shack since the late 1990's, Dell may be able to have more exclusivity and shelf space in Radio Shack as compared to Best Buy which has other suppliers to "respect". :cool:
  3. idiocy born out of desperation.
  4. Bingo!

    You win a ceegar.

    PeterEastergate is stock_trd3r, aka Port, aka ??? (who knows how many aliases he has), according to Ivanovich, who did an IP check.
  5. i hate it when the same old characters keep coming back with new nicks.
  6. I haven't seen the inside of a Radio Shack in years. It's amazing, isn't it? Radio Shack has a business model the couldn't possibly work, especially with the rise in discount internet shopping, yet here they are, plugging right along. The only things to survive a nuclear war are cockroaches and Radio Shacks.

    But DELL and RSH might make a good combo. They have plenty of mall real estate and if you can buy a Dell laptop at Radio Shack for the same price you can online or in their catalog, why not just run down to Radio Shack and buy it? (along with a new transistor, inductor or capacitor you need for that police scanner you bought when Regan was president)
  7. First off, I utilize a proxy site to get to this website because my firm does not allow access to this website. I am not "Port" or "Rowshan" as Ivanovich has accused me. There is no way to trace my ip address. I believe its an anonymous server somewhere in Illinois.

    Second, the rumors are starting to appear again at the trading desks around the city. I noticed price starting to spike higher...
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    RSH should have gone bankrupt years ago, I went to one last year and there were more employees huddled around the registers then there were customers, Actually it was me and my friend and about 8 or 9 employees. Why Dell would want RSH is beyond me, a better suitor would be Best Buy. Best buy needs to ELIMINATE the entire CD/DVD section in there store and replace it with a RSH.
  9. radio shack has computers now. does anybody know someone who bought a computer at radio shack?
    dell made their name as an online retailer with no inventory overhead. now they want to discard what made them great. idiocy.
  10. As has been previously mentioned on this forum Radio Shack does a great job of selling items you can't find anywhere else, unless Fry's in around. And they sell it for 6 times what it should cost.
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