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Discussion in 'Trading' started by Trendguy, Nov 8, 2011.

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    Why are all the major markets dead ? Volume and volatility have vanished. The stock markets, gold, oil . . . seems most all the major markets are very quiet. The reason is partially to do with the Eurpoean situation with the European banks and Greece and Italy . . . but WHEN ? will things change and get back to normal ?? Any ideas ????
    For traders this is getting very frustrationg. It is very difficult to trade when this environment is SO BAD ! !
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    A lot of the volume will never come back. Less leverage means less investible assets. The fact that every year we have a "this time the world as we know it can end" will wear on investor confidence.
  3. theres plenty of volatility. you're full of crap.

    this is the easiest mkt to trade in years. if you're not making 10k a week, go back to your old job.

    all you need to do is trade old farts leaving office, old bags making off cuff statements about collapse, and assorted other random unpredictable events and you too can be a playa

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    stock777, but when everything is ticking so slowly it makes it difficult to appreciate that it is worth doing. Yes, there are still moves, but they are so random and rare, it makes it difficult to trade (like before)
  5. It's been going on since 2008. And nowadays the market's simply wait for the next headine out of the Eurozone (whether b.s. or not). Seems pretty self-evident to me.
  6. market sucks, get used to it.

    or become a vendor like bone
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    not to me.. have you noticed ,that last couple days are pretty much identical. take a look on IWM for today and yesterday. plenty of opportunities every single day :p
  8. If you buy at 1 pm on every day since Nov 1st sell the close, you would be 100%. Of course I wish I knew this on Nov 1st.
  9. ++1

    Regardless which way you choose, you either trade shit, or sell shit like bone .

    Both ways are profit :D
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    here we go :p
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