Why is market going up today?

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by TM1982, May 26, 2009.

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  3. The phone rang......rrrrrrrrrring.

    The conversation-

    "hello. Yes, this is he/she. Am I feeling confident? What do you mean by that? Just answer yes or no?!? Well without knowing what the question really is, I will say I think..........hmmmm........yes? Ok Good-bye."
  4. WEEKLY SUPPORT held near 876, basis JUNE.

    I missed support by one tick, so dont' even ask. :mad:

    ALSO, while the market hovered above key support, a consumer confidence measure came in above market expectations, adding fundmental strength to a technically sound position.

    915's the upside for today, methinks.

  5. Because I went long GM stock and unsecured debt.
  6. the better question would be, why didnt you know why the market was up? :p
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    I was busy with yo mama
  8. I think it is because you are short.

    It's a conspiracy.
  9. Institutional buyers. Negative news. Move higher so the next fall doesn't seem so bad.
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    Because you're short?
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