Why is magna removing my bland jokes?

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by Jesse J., May 27, 2003.

  1. all I said was, "you must enjoy reading fiction" to kicking, and magna removed that!!

    Is it a rule you MUST have NO sense of humor around here?
  2. ElCubano


    because he can.......
  3. Magna

    Magna Administrator

    No, that's not all you said, O Innocent One. Leading up to that you made a number of abusive posts towards both Babak and dgabriel (which have been removed). You and I have had a private PM discussion regarding this in the past and at that time you said....
    ....and yet you continue. I've invited you on a number of occasions to start your own journal so that the members of ET can see how well your supposedly accurate predictions are. You've ignored that as you don't want to be held to your written word (except occasionally, when it suits your purpose). I really can't be surprised by that as you promised to leave ET under certain conditions and those conditions were clearly met, yet you're still here, reminding the world at every opportunity of how great you are and how Babak is wrong (or premature) in his assessment of the market.
  4. babak is "premature"

    But me calling Dow 9000, to maybe within a few days of it actually occuring is grounds for me to goto the principals office.

    you're not a man of intellect. Dow 9000 was a great call, and you should be congratulating me.

    So I sum up, babak can be wrong and wrong for months, and its "premature". I make a great call that's maybe a few days off, and I'm dead wrong.

    I'd give you respect if you deserved it. you don't.


    Your calls have been worthless. What's your "tolerance" on Dow 9000? Plus or minus 300 points? I suppose if we wait long enough the Dow will, in fact, hit 9000. If it happens in August is that a good call for you? How about December 2003? 2004?

    And why don't you keep your word? You did promise to leave ET.
  6. I make a great call, to within a week of it actually happening, and you call for my head!

    there's a journal here, where the guy is always wrong, and ET regulars keep patting him on the back.

    2 +2 -4, and I bever back down from fools that easily.There's your answer.

    I made so many great calls here, your jealous.