Why Is John Edwards Still Running?

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  1. He is trailing both Obama and Hillary by a big margin in the polls in South Carolina?


    A " bitchy"woman and a young black man who has a Muslim sounding name, and a good old boy native son Edwards is not kicking butting butt in the Carolinas?

    I think his only shot may be a deal that he will trade his support and delegates to Obama for another V.P. run...
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    You might be right, however I think whoever the nominee is will not take a VP candidate out any of the group already running. With everyone still having terrorism on their minds and whatnot it would not shock me to see someone like Wes Clark brought in as the running mate.
  3. I don't know, I would think neither Hillary nor Obama would want the stink of Edwards on their ticket, but the delegates he is capturing could swing something at a close convention.

    He is probably running out of money soon as well.

    The ability to raise money and keep the campaign going is a key factor for a guy like Edwards at this point.

  4. While I agree with everything in the above posts about Edwards and Obama's likely VP choice, I think you have to understand that his reasons for running are different than the others. He is more of a Jesse Jackson-type candidate, running to give himself more celebrity, which leads to cushy no-work hedge fund jobs, corporate boards, gargantuan speaker fees,etc. Plus, his campaign has not exactly been a disaster. He has dispatched Sens. Dodd and Biden, who are far more qualified than he is. And it's not like Hillary and Obama don't each have the potential to blow up at some point, leaving him to pick up the pieces. I expect him to stay in until the bitter end and leverage it into a prime time convention speech, possibly a cabinet post.
  5. What about something unprecidented? Edwards accepts defeat. Mitt gets knocked out. Together they've got enough wealth to run indie without much fundraising, especially considering the free publicity the stunt would get. Mitt runs independent with Edwards at VP. :D :eek:
  6. Do you really think 1 loser + 1 loser = 1 winner? Besides we already tried a ticket with a Massachusetts flip-flopper for president and Edwards as VP four years ago. :D
  7. Sure, Edwards may try to parlay his delegates into a Secretary of State, or other choice cabinet post.

    It isn't about winning a general election for him though at this point, it is a about political capital to spend somewhere else.

    Is his campaign not a disaster?

    He has been campaigning in Iowa for how many years and ends up 3rd?

    He is a non-entity except for whatever delegates he can sell to the highest bidder at a messy convention.

    I am hoping both Hillary and Obama stay in it, neither one gaining enough delegate votes on their own to secure a nomination...now that will be entertainment.

    Same for repubs, a three headed monster of Rudy, McCain, and Romney with with no majority to take the nomination for any individual would be a riot.

  8. I was joking, but in any case there is a good chance that Romney wins the nomination anyway.
  9. I was joking,
    Me too

    there is a good chance that Romney wins the nomination anyway.
    Frankly I doubt it. He pulled his adds in SC and FL, he is behind Huckabee in the latest Michigan poll with McCain breathing down his neck and that's before McCain's post New Hampshire bounce. He's lost his must-win states IA and NH. I would much prefer him to McCain but I fail to see what states he can possibly win, I am afraid it will be downhill from here for him.
  10. We'll see. I would pull my adds in SC too if I were him. That one is Huckabee in a landslide. If Romney gets anything above 15% it is good. Unfortunately for him that won't get him many delegates in a winner-take-all state. I think Huck takes about 15-17 of those delegates. Even if Romney came a close second, he doesn't get many delegates. McCain is gonna be disappointed by that.

    Romney has been doing some work in Nevada. Giuliani was leading there but has since concentrated on Florida and his Nevada support is in free-fall. Any serious work in Nevada might get Romney a big support there. They have almost 50% more delegates than SC.

    4-way race for Florida makes the fight really hard and Florida isn't as big a player this year after losing half its delegates. Giuliani must win Florida to even stand a chance because that will get him about 30 delegates which will leave him at about half of what Romney will have at that point. Then it is a 4-way race during Super Tuesday.
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