Why is Jack Hershey being censored by dgabriel?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by xorrex, Oct 28, 2003.

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    Isn't this website supposed to be where elite traders come to share ideas?

    So why was Jack Hershey banned and threads about him moved to the "Chit Chat" forum?

    Why is the moderator dgabgriel allowed to treat Jack so harshly?

    "BTW, ask him if the ET boot stuck up his ass is uncomfortable or not, hehehe"

    "If you can't find Jack, call 1-800-GET-GURU. Press #2 for trading

    "Further, moderators need not be impartial in forums in which they do not moderate. Somone interpret that for EL Cubano."

    "Good idea about a second persona. Please accept this comment in a completely non-official capacity: go fuck yourself"

    Does the owner of this website or the other readers care that this is going on? Or is this the level that elitetrader prefers to operate on?
  2. and not to Trading. Stop spamming this board with your nonsense. Even if I originally was not of the opinion to ban Jack from this forum, I now believe that he should be banned for good because that's the only way to stop moronic posts by his followers. I don't understand their problem: Jack has plenty of space on the net, so why do they want him to be present here? There is something wrong with these people.
  3. This is absolutely shocking!!! :eek: :eek: :eek:

    I don't understand why this is going on. Finally, inandlong has made a generous effort (to say the least - and he has my full respect for this) to understand Jack's methods and even interpret them for others - and then dgabriel so severely falls out of the roll, not to mention slips into anarchical forum dictatorship and profanity?

    I thought ET is supposed to be a democracy. In this case, totalitarian dictatorship comes a lot closer to the description. There's only a fine line between GW Bush and Adolf Hitler, but it is there. I think in the case of dgabriel, this line has been crossed. Scapegoating, prosecution and homicide within the own community has been actively attempted here.

    I would say in the case of dgabriel, only the Baron himself is the ultimate imperial power and needs to be consulted to discuss what's going to happen to his side-tracked prefect dgabriel. Maybe execution is cruel, but disciplinary action is certainly required if Baron has any intent to save the integrity of his empire.

    And by the way - I'm always ready to jump to Jack's defense if required. I have no problem with his theories, and know him pretty well. He is a decent man and does not deserve to be treated like this this, either way. Particularly not by supposedly "unbiased" moderators who are supposed to "unpartily moderate, with a reasonable amount of distance and respect for the wishes of the board community".

    Either way, it certainly can't go on this way. Baron is the man. Everybody who reads this can PM Baron for protest against emerging dgabrielism, like a petition.

  4. electron, if you're so smart, perhaps you would like to post your own (unbiased) interpretation of what's going on here. :)

    Many thanks in advance!

  5. Speaking of lines crossed...........

    Perhaps a study of history would be in order.

  6. Of what? You mean the various ways in which people can commit homicide or oppress different-thinking people?

    Be a little more specific. Go right ahead, OldTrader.
  7. Not sure what you are expecting here. Perhaps you expect me to launch into a full scale debate of GBush vs Adolf Hitler. Frankly, I doubt that is necessary. I think most responsible people would have a problem comparing a guy who murdered millions of Jews with G Bush.

    Remember, you used the term "fine line", so evidently you do not see much difference between the two. And I think your view would be completely contradictory to most responsible thinkers on the planet today.

    But feel free to present your arguments. Until you do, I will give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you have made an error in judgment or are misguided in your facts.

  8. Jack Hershey died for our sins.
  9. that is quite possibly the dumbest thing you've posted on ET.
  10. Winston


    Correction, that's the DUMBEST, most asinine comment and not worthy of this board. Let's stick w/trading and leave the communist/anarchist bullshit at the door.
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