Why is ivanovich so afraid of his own words?

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by ghostzapper, Aug 28, 2008.

  1. Ivanovich said this as an answer to why he keeps rennicks thread in trading. But i've looked at all the pages, and can't find anything specific anywhere. When i ask ivanovich for clarification, he deletes the post.

    Is it possible rennick gets kick backs for posting ideas from a pay service? Is Ivanovich getting a kick back as well?

    Can you explain. Thank you!
  2. Welcome back, Mr. Rowshanz, aka Mr. Gates (same IP address). You seem awfully fascinated with me. In fact, the feedback section has had prior "Ivanovich" fan threads from you before.


    There is a thread where you polled the community on whether folks thought I should move threads unrelated to trading or not, and the subsequent majority voted against you.


    Of course there is the thread where you tried to get everyone to boycott ET (which of course, no one followed, not even yourself).

    And of course, here is just one of our old PM threads in which you were telling me all about how you loved my moderation style (until, of course, I had to moderate YOU). I have plenty more. Let me know if you'd like them as well...

  3. hughb


    ghost - if you are asking for posts to be removed, then you have no right to bitch about your own being removed, or moved.

    Don't call the police with one hand and raise your "power to the people" fist with the other.
  4. Excuse? Which posts have I ever asked to be removed?

    Apologize for that BS

    If you speak english, you'll see here, even in my pm, I abhor censorship:

    "but I am not one to complain about anyone, even morons like him."

    It's there in black and white.
  5. 1. Yes, I'm sure it was all in your master plan.

    2. I don't think, care or otherwise concern myself with whether it's bugging you or not when I delete your posts. I simply go through the process of moderation. When I find a post that does not belong in the trading or forex section, I remove it. It just so happens that your posts are essentially all worthless. Don't blame that on me.

    3. I don't care what your purpose is here, or what your ET goal is. To have an "ET goal" in the first place speaks rather low of your life's activities in general.
  6. Yes coming from a moderator of a section in a message board, you definitely put me in my place.

    How much this lavish job payin you? Maybe that's why you need kick backs from rennick and the pay service you're promoting on the "urgent message" thread.
  7. From an old email (also saved):

    Mr. Rowshan ( mailto:EMAIL REMOVED) has requested that this post be deleted or edited:


    This is part of this thread:
    Urgent Message From Rennick

    This is the reason that the user gave:
    sir, please remove insulting comment

    This message has been sent to all moderators of this forum, or all administrators if there are no moderators.
  8. Yes, Rennick actually deposits money in my paypal account every time I promote his thread.
  9. Ivan, you know that's a violation of the confidentiality agreement we have. Take half of what's in your next envelope and give it to rowshwanZ for a boob job. Then maybe he'll start hangin in the chicks with dicks website members area. He'll probably be in there argueing which is better, plug in or battery powered.:p
  10. Fuck you guys... get a room already!

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