why is it that all you sophisticated investors...

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  1. with your good grammars, degrees under your belts and etc..

    have been seeing "value" in these financials for months .. because of 1000 diffrent reasons.. explaining it with all the math and etc...keep on puting in money into them.. and loosing it..

    and me the uneducated idiot (as you people describe me) have been shorting these stocks.. bac, c, leh, aig.. for months .. over and over again (simply because im following the trend) .. and am making money like its an ATM machine?

    I keep on reading you old timers trying to justify the big values in the names etc.. etc. and everyday they are going down more and more...

    Someone please help me out here...

    I am starting to feel guilty for taking excessive amounts of your monies...
  2. he's baaaaaaaaack...
  3. Oh, and it's "grammar," not "grammars." :D Simon, you are such good fun. Please don't ever leave.
  4. [​IMG]

    footage of Swordman and his buddies captured on a videotape!
  5. dead on market calls !

    12 more PMs as of last night.. :)
  6. Looks like I got under Simon's skin, I hadn't even posted on this thread and yet I'm on his mind enough that he is posting about me :D

    He's probably still sore at me for exposing his HORRIBLE market call from yesterday!! LOL
  7. Exactly what I was thinking LOL. Simon is in desperate need of attention. I think it's time to put him on ignore but it's so much fun watching him make a complete ass out of himself. :D

  8. Simon is "halerious", although I am hoping we can put this behind us as I really want an invite to check out his "wineyard"

    :D :D


  9. $700bucks+ for today punk!

    I can buy all the attention from your mother as I need with $50 of that :)
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