Why is it illegal to lie to congress? This is the most asinine law ever.

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    Max E.

    I will never understand why it is illegal to lie to congress. This is a law that really makes my blood boil and it is probably the law that most brazenly demonstrates that politicians can do whatever the fuck they want while we suffer the consequences of their actions.

    These idiots are trying to send Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens to jail, two people whose crimes didn't hurt a single person.

    Meanwhile Holder is free to lie about a gun running program that cost numerous people their lives, The bush administration is free to lie about things which got us into a war that cost thousands of peoples lives, Pelosi and Clinton are free to lie, and the list goes on and on and on.

    Does anyone remember a single case where a high level politician was prosecuted and went to jail for lying congress? These politicians entire career is based on lying, i cant think of a single politician where it would be tough to find a long laundry list of them lying to the public, but we allow these sanctimonious assholes to prosecute us for it.

    The real place these riots should be going on is not NYC, but outside of congress, and Eric Holder, like all his lying predecessors, probably wont even lose his job, even though it is supposedly illegal to lie to congress, and it is blatantly obvious Holder is lying and that his stupidity has cost americans their lives.

    Every time a politician screws up and is dragged in front of congress, and they inevitably lie their way out of the situation, i am reminded of what a joke this law is. :mad:
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    Politicians simply know that they will not be prosecuted if the MSM supports them... Nancy Pelosi funnels money to a family business.. big yawn by the MSM, Diane Feinstein does exactly the same thing a couple of years back, so blatantly too... big yawn by the MSM..
  3. Michele Bachman would be arrested weekly for her lies. :D
    I do admire her passion tho
  4. And Obama?
  5. obama? I dunno, dont follow him much
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    Why is it illegal to lie to congress?

    Why is it so hard to either tell the truth or just don't talk? You can't lie to cops, FBI or other such athorities. Just ask Martha Stewart.

    Lie under oath to congress and go to jail. Simple as that.
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    Go to prison for lying to the biggest 535 liars in the world - makes sense to me.

  8. Why does Congress have or need this power?
    Maybe because this allows them to force anyone to show up at hearings under a summons. For Congress, it is all about the show, not the results.
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    It may seem that way. But the purpose is to get to the bottom of national problems so legislation, if needed, can be crafted to solve a problem. What's so wrong with telling the truth? Everyone should tell the truth.

    Yeah, I know, your are going to say, 'well the politicians don't tell the truth'. That's right, and you don't have to vote for them.
  10. First as a witness you have little protection of Due process. There are no evidence hearings and no limit on hearsay evidence, yet all your testimony can be used against you in a criminal trial.
    Congressional hearings are the most lopsided legal process in this country. The founders would flip out over this power.

    If I am facing a criminal or civil inquiry I am taking the 5th if I am called to testify. Look at the executive’s of Solyndra for an example.

    That’s why this is all a show. The Congress wants the public to think they are getting to the bottom of national problems, but nothing comes from it.
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