Why is it always white folk in non urban neighborhoods.

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  1. All these spree school/theatre/mall shooters seem to be white and the shootings not in places like Miami, NYC etc.. but these lower populated majority white neighborhoods by some white crazy guy.

    You cannot get any whiter than Newtown Ct.

    Its safer to see a movie in the South Bronx than in those towns.
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    on average, 45 murders a day occur in the US. If you really feel that way, I have some non-white places to take you, we'll see how safe you feel.

    confusion of 6 sigma anecdote with statisical reality
  3. Read the original post again. I think you missed something.
  4. More than half of all murders that occur every year (about 16,000+ total) are done by blacks. They are 12% of the population and more than 50% of the violence. If there were no blacks in the US, crime would be cut down more than 50%. Prison population would also be down more than 50%(saving us billions per year.) There would be about 75% less people on welfare in the US. That would be the positives of no black people here.

    The negatives? Our football & basketball teams would suck, and our summer olympic gold medals would be halved.
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    I read it, 'all these spree shootings' is such an insignicant threat that only a fool would really alter their view of white suburbia versus inner city safety
  6. What's wrong you miss black churches getting blown up or something
  7. From what I read most of those hood rats are shooting their own (Gang violence,drug turf wars.) for money,control,etc..

    I never hear on the news of someone in manhattan walking into a school and shooting people up.

    This does seem unique to a specific demographic and locations.
  8. Maybe because they have no money for Playstation.
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  10. 500+ people will be killed due to violent crime in Chicago this year. 500 in one city. How many have been killed in these mass shooting all year? Less than a hundred I think, nationwide. So in one city we have a 5 fold kill ratio. Why do you think black activists are so up in arms. Whitey gets a hundred gunned down and it's a big deal. Thousands upon thousands of brothers getting capped and not much attention is paid at all. Their pissed. I'd be pissed too.
    But to the point of the OP. We kill each other differently because of our culture. Blacks are generally gunning each other down one at a time with some civilians caught in the crossfire. It's more of a wild west mentality among the gang-bangers. They don't want to kill everybody, just that there MF'er over there. When whitey goes off the deep end it's completely different. They want to kill everyone, destroy the world. Life ain't worth living, kill'em all. Just listen to the music each culture listens to and you'll see the difference. One is about pimps, ho's and money while busting a cap in someones ass on ocassion, and the other is die, die, die, blow up the world, we're all gonna' die.
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