Why is it always that way?

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by TheMagican, Feb 26, 2013.

  1. Why i always think i`m much better now, then a month,day week,even a couple of hours before and the things i did,a month,a day,a week,a moment ago,i should`nt have done or done it another way?
  2. zdreg


    because you are TheMagician.:D
  3. i think what you're saying, (as u must not be english) is that you are going no where even though you think you have progressed.

    well, the problem is, you have not progressed because you are flipping coins in your trading most likely.

    you have not clearly defined your entry and exit and so you have no way of knowing how "good" you really are.
  4. TS,i have to agree with the first paragraph,but skip the last two,as i`m not about trading.:D I`m talking about simple things.The word i`ve said a moment ago,some little thing i did i shoulda done,etc.Ok?In this sense.

    But you are right!It might be probably because of me going nowhere in the progress.Something as close as it gets.

    p.s. thanks Zdreg,btw :)
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    but I am The Magician:D
  6. Looks like tyrannosaurus to me

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    note cat lower right hand side of bubble + 1 unidentified animal.
  8. that ones were tough.i shoulda been watched better,i guess...