Why is HSI the best future?

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    I've heard it many times
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    HangSeng Index futures is not the best future to trade. It is one of the good tradable futures.

    The good thing about it is that almost everyday, its day range is rather wide and hence suitable for day trading.

    The bad thing about it is that at times, its movement is very jerky, spiky, erratic, violent and you might get stopped out easily.
    In such case, I'd trade its proxies.
    HSI and NQ have quite similar temperament.
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    Today has been spectacular
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    Maxinger in your opinion which are the best
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    For daily trend the best seems the nq
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    I like Natural Gas futures during US winter time.
  8. Hsi is shit for buy and hold investors. Index is worse than 10 years ago peak.
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    The best futures to trade is solely based upon the results of your trade strategy after you've backtested the futures you're considering to trade.

    Thus, the best futures to trade for you is never based upon the opinion by someone else using a completely different trade strategy with a completely different trading style.

    Here's the issue that sucks, after you've done the work (don't expect someone to do it for you) with backtesting your trade signal strategy on various futures...

    Next month or later in the year...

    The best futures to trade via your trade strategy may change to something else. For example, pretend your backtest results show this month its Hang Seng HSI futures. Next month its Eurex DAX futures, the following month its Russell 2000 RTY futures and the month after that its Euronext CAC40 futures...I think you're understanding now how things can change if you have access to all that data.

    Now the question will be if you're willing or capable of changing to another futures trading instrument to continue making money ? Another question, what do you do if you're very limited and do not have access to backtesting all the available futures instruments ?

    The above are serious questions because many traders make the decision to trade something else that's not suitable for their trade strategy...for example...following the opinion of someone else just because its so much easier to do what others are doing instead of doing the work via backtesting.

    Another route...let your broker tell you what's best to trade via their margin requirements, leverage, commissions and account balance minimums. :(

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  10. Just curious whats the min tick point value & the corresponding USD value for each tick of the HSI and the HSI mini? Thanks.
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