Why is HPQ trading under 15 if they expect 3.4 eps 2013??

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  1. At a PE of 8 for example 3.4 eps x 8 would mean 27.4 a share for HPQ yet its down to under 15 now.

    OR am I reading something wrong?


    Meanwhile, Hewlett-Packard Company's (NYSE: HPQ ) CEO Meg Whitman announced that company was lowering its earnings forecast for fiscal 2013. The announcement dragged the company's share price to a nine year low. Whitman further added that except software, earnings from all other businesses might fall. H-P's shares plunged 13% to close at $14.91 yesterday. The company anticipates adjusted earnings in the range of $3.40 to $3.60 per share for fiscal 2013.
  2. smart phones are killing the computer market and printers are a commodity.what else do they have?
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    are adjusted earnings higher or lower than gaap earnings?
  4. They have PALM lol

    Stocks see multiple expansion upon positive growth
    Stocks see multiple contraction upon negative growth


    I see a negative EPS on google finance actually, ouch
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    it's BYE BYE HPQ,

    not BUY BUY HPQ
  6. In my opinion HPQ has the same problem AAPL had back before Jobs took over. HPQ has too many products. Look at their printers for instance. They have an HP Printer 6500, 6510, 6515, 6520...literally a thousand different printers that all basically do the same job. They need to do the same thing apple did. Get rid of everything and focus on about 10 products. There is no reason to come out with 50 different types of printers every year. Last quarter they had 30 billion of income and 38 billion of expenses. How does that happen?

    Personally I think HPQ has been defering expenses for a while and needed to start reporting them last quarter. Who knows how much they have deferred over the years. Maybe thats why those board members are fighting so much. They might be in more trouble than we all know. Might be an overnight crash of HPQ one day if the truth came out.
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    HP has absolutely the most lousy printers and scanners.

    they were good 10 years ago, but they have not innovated, they have been selling the same technology with different packaging. Their software is attrocious. absolutely the most un-userfriendly interface i have used on any device. keep it up and they will disappear from the surface of this earth.
  8. Now it makes sense. :D

  9. Palm was awesome and way ahead of the curve. New phones don't have half the useful features as a palm, I still use a palm pilot from 2006. HPQ is what happens when a corporation gets too big and moribund. At that stage corporations attract statist types as leaders in upper management who fail to recognize new trends. I'm not a big fan of women ceos in tech companies, I suspect shareholder value continues to erode.
  10. Yea, seems many had anticipated the 8.8B mark to market....and just as many didn't :cool:
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