Why is Facebook being hyped and marketed so heavily?

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  1. It is very heavy-handed. Commentators putting FB in the same sentence as Google, eBay, Amazon, etc.

    Google, eBay, Amazon have either proprietary services or a business model that works.

    FB has nothing that can't be duplicated by "the next next thing". The new MySpace and Friendster. So what?

    Instead there appears to be a HEAVY-HANDED marketing promotion going on. And when it is that obvious, the first question is - WHY?

    FB is already not cool with the up-and-coming kids. When it loses whatever "coolness" it has, what's to stop user migration to the next next thing?

    It feels like big money is trying to hawk it like elixir in a traveling medicine show.
  2. Slinky Pezz Krispy Kreme... Build a Bear..

    There's alot more money in the illusion than in the real thing.

    Thats all you really need to remember.

    That aside, think about Event Risk.. a Company offering itself to the public as a free service has huge reputation and event risk. Almost any kind of issue could damage or destroy what passive interest the public has in the service.

    -Owner gets ill or goes to jail..
    -Site gets hacked, or propagated with viruses..
    -Peoples information gets stolen on a large scale
    -People simply lose interest (i.e the Fad Fades) and move on the the next technology or social platform
    -Its discovered that some kind of illicit financing has gone on (more reputation risk)
    -Company keeps getting sued for things, or its discovered they did not secure nor guarantee peoples privacy.

    All that aside I do find its become more useful to me as I got more socialable on it. But would I "invest", assuming I could? Not a chance.
  3. Actually one thing I have seen that Facebook and Twitter have that even Goog. Amzn, Ebay, etc. dont' have and really never have is this:

    I have seen many companies now in their advertisements put the Facebook "Like Me" and Twitter "Follow Me" things in their ads. For example, you might see a Honda commercial (just as an example), and it shows their Facebook and Twitter links - I have never seen that with Goog, or other web companies, etc. So, Facebook and Twitter are basically getting huge amounts of free advertising from those companies.

    Now, that being said, I think Facebook is being very much hyped up (how many people go to the Honda Facebook page and then buy a Honda because of that?).

    I agree of course - at some point the next big thing might come along and Facebook will look like the old, stale player.

  4. To me, Facebook is like when some movie studio producer picked Tony Curtis out of a soda-jerk shop saying "I can make anybody a star."

    Or the old-time music honchos who insisted they could make any song a hit as long as they promoted it enough and gave it enough air-time.

    It has that same feeling to it - that as long as some big money backs something, they can turn any mundane thing into a "hit".

    Facebook employs what - 1000 people? And for that he's on the same level as Sergey Brin? Nope. Hype. Marketing.

    I've seen Google, and Facebook is no Google.
  5. Yah they even say that facebook is responsible for the revolutions in the Middle east. Goldman sachs have gone crazy with the marketing
  6. Well, I believe they are the most visited website on the planet and solar system for that matter. And the traffic is "sticky" That has to count for something.
  7. Next time you watch CNBC or Bloomberg or Fox Business News - count how many times the anchors or pundits say "Facebook" in connection with almost anything.

    It's like political "Talking Points" where politicians say the same shit over and over hoping people will just accept a repetitive mantra as a fact.

    The blatant marketing has gotten so heavy it is like a sledgehammer.

    Facebook. Facebook. Facebook. Facebook. Get it yet stupid viewer?

    1000 employees. It must be the next IBM!!! :D
  8. newtoet


    Numbers say it all. From Time:

    What 20 minutes on Facebook looks like: Tagged photos: 1.3 million, Event invites sent out: 1.5 million, Wall Posts: 1.6 million, Status updates: 1.8 million, Friend requests accepted: 1.97 million, Photos uploaded: 2.7 million, Comments: 10.2 million, Messages: 4.6 million


    One out of every dozen people on the planet has a Facebook account.

    All of the naysayers remind me of old men standing at their front door yelling at the kids to get off their lawn.

  9. Who cares? You can sign up for multiple accounts on Facebook and plenty do just to get some reward points.

    The joke is that Facebook has got to be something like the next IBM, cuz IBM makes high-technology products, and Facebook makes...

    ya know...

    Facebook. :D
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