Why is everything Breaking News on CNBC

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  1. This channel is unberable. Bernanke is speaking and breaking news crosses the screen, the talking heads inform us Bernanke is speaking, and back to Bernanke. I knew cnbc was bad, but I had no idea it was just bad. GE should go to zero if it means cnbc should go off the air.
  2. TURN IT OFF, there all your problems are solved.

  3. It normally is off, but I made the mistake to watch Bernankes tetimony today. Just an observation.
  4. DonKee


    Why does Snagglepuss say "Heavens to Murgatroyd!"?

    When you know that answer you will know all answers.
  5. Its pretty widely known that CNBC is mostly garbage, you haven't figured out something new here.

  6. skylr33


    It's the same thing on MSNBC, especially when their "God" Obama is speaking. It's amazing that the tree hugging douche bag duo of Chris Matthews, and Keith Olbermann can even speak when their master takes the airwaves, as they would be too occupied licking the monitor, and beating off to their socialist dictator!!!
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    I was on the floor laughing when they broke the news that big ben was speaking while he was speaking... But I was also very upset since it made his answer to several questions from Ron Paul inaudible. I think that was the real reason they did it, Ron Paul is to smart and therefore a danger to the sheep herders.

    Then they also made a point to say that Ron Paul was trying to use up free air time because he knew he was live? What was that about.
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    watch c-span or bloomberg
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    i watch espn and some of the murder/wierd ass trials in the "in session" ..don't know what channel though...I put on cnbc every so often as to be able to monitor my positions...:p

    in session now showing the trial of the gay student murders...
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