why is everyone in the Securities Industry a Dimwit

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  1. mutual fund managers - these mofos have worse than zero skills........they get their ass handed to them by a completely passive buy and hold indexing strategy........yet they manage trillions

    401k administrators...........most 401k plans FORCE people to invest in shitty mutual fund managers by not offering any decent ETF index funds

    hedge fund mangers..........the hedge fund industry is a skimming operation and a game of musical chairs.......google survivorship bias

    IB customer service reps........these cunts answer phones from the state prison system - where IB and most brokers have outsourced their customer service to.

    stockbrokers........these cunts would rather cold call to make $6/hour rather than work in construction like a real man

    traders.......little girls with daydreams of richs - these golddigging hoes will never find their sugar daddy............there are a few real men like me that rake in the doe........because its just too easy when your competition is so awful and the entire industry is filled with dimwit cunts from top to bottom
  2. retail "prop" owners - these dimwits are still offering "jobs" and "training" to anyone with 5k to spare

    specialists - i was smart enough to stay away from these cunts by only trading nasdaq and futures but i hear they skim tons of money each day
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    Raking in the doe and you're hatin' and complainin'.......you really need to get laid bro
  4. Sounds like someone blew out an account today.
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    I am not arguing with your analysis, but aren't there even bigger dimwit c*nts in other industries? Retail, automobile, healthcare, homebuilders, materials, technology.... The list goes on.
  6. muthafucking nasdork..........yeah i'm hatin cause i have an Moral Obligation to hate these dimwit cunts
  7. You just figured this out?

    Examine executive compensation recently? Especially in failing companies.
  8. wall street bank ceos and executives - i saved the worst for last.......they are the biggest welfare queens in the world right now.
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    Wow, that was quite the profane diatribe....I'd hate to see you when you're angry
  10. Mutual fund managers are by far the worst.

    They still can't grasp the concept that even good companies go down during recessions.

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