Why is ET so slow for me?

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by Gotcha, Feb 28, 2019.

  1. Gotcha


    It takes forever to load my followed threads page, and sometimes it just defaults to just showing recent threads, and not the ones I follow. When I log out, no problem. It's only when I'm logged in.

    Am I being punished??
  2. Gotcha



    Any ideas why this is still happening? ET is almost unusable when I am logged in. Is this just a glitch with the server or some sort of ban over the Jigsaw fiasco?
  3. destriero


    lol you've pierced the veil of the Jigsaw scam. You're marked for death.
  4. Overnight


    It's not just you. The site has become extremely slow/unresponsive since last night, whether logged in or not.

    PMs won't go through period.
  5. Overnight



    It happens on any browser also.
  6. Overnight


    Guys, run a trace route to the website. Are y'all seeing something like this?


    Total weirdness. Never seen that before in a trace. @Baron @Magna
  7. Pekelo


    I don't notice anything special. Same responsiveness as always.
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  8. I second OP, ET has become all but un-navigateable. @Baron, I cant even access my private inbox it routes back to the main page, all pages load incredibly slow, something has definitely changed from a few days ago. Has your site been compromised? Asking because you guys usually announce when you do a major upgrade/change on the web server...
  9. @Baron, did I miss something? Did I end up on some new sort of "black list" by criticizing one of your vendors (Jigsaw)? I noticed that when being logged into ET the site loads horribly slow, I can hardly work at all with personal messages, notifications frequently crash, I can hardly post at all.

    Switching to an incognito window and surfing ET is smooth as butter, no delays whatsoever.

    Have I missed something or am I on the right track with my hunch? Would be nice to at least get a warning when transgressing your forum rules, I have not received any warning whatsoever but was banned from a thread right away and since then has navigating ET become a nightmare...no more second chances?
  10. srinir


    This is concerning
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