Why is ET better than Government?

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  1. If you just read a few ET posts you will get more thought than the Government is making. Why do we have solutions to the issues and ideas that the Government seems not to. Do they do nothing all day?
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    Because more than 90% of ET members are a winner succesful traders! They are CEOs, warren buffet, george soros, they own a mansion, own a private jet, have $100 million in their bank accounts, etc etc etc

    You should call this Freakonomics
  3. Nothing? What about golf, long lunches, evening parties, campaigning?

    They have an agenda... one which has nothing to do with the general health of America nor a fair doctrine of taxation and spending.
  4. We do not have a political motive. Plain and simple.

    Starts on the playground, moves up to the corporate world and then gov't. Never give them more than they ask for.

    My kids are stunned when I ask them "What do you want"? I make every effort to give them what they ask for or an opportunity to earn it. Period. How's that work out? When they get the hang of things, pretty well. We communicate, straight out and up front, and I get to tell them "ain't happening" "get real". Sounds contradictory, but not really.:D :cool:

    Ps we're not genuis on board but common sense is found in gov't also, just not in practice.
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    To make a difference, first you have to care.
  6. I often read financial discussions on this message board and then a day or two read an article on the same topic in the MSM. Occasionally I think ET is a leading indicator.
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    Yeah. Don't you wish you had an ET in Canada?...er, uh, I mean...oh, yeah, it's the www. Oh well...
  8. I sincerely doubt Warren Buffet and George Soros come here. If they do pm me and prove it.
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    what i meant is more than 90% of ET members pretend to be bufet and soros.

    Which is why the title should be

    freakonomics ET vs gov
  10. There are a couple of Billiionaires who come here though. Believe me there are.
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