Why is ES up 10 points? 1:17AM EST

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by jgold310, Nov 18, 2010.

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    The ES futures are up 10 points at 1:17am EST, I haven't seen up 10 points when the market is closed in a very long time. Did some search and couldn't find any news that would justify.
  2. Dollar's tanking. IMO Ireland not as bad as the reports and that they have it under control.
  3. :confused:

    Look again. Business as usual.
  4. dollar not tanking at all, down to 78.83 so a meagre -0.39%, it's actually targeting 82 min.

    I think it's got more to do with option expirations. I didn't check the volume overnight to see how the bidding was achieved.
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    Well tuesday the ES was down 20 points and the uup was up .80% so if the dollar is down .39% it would make sense the ES is up 10.
  6. isn't today GM IPO, that would explain a lot....
  7. Ireland loan............

    aaaaaaaand out. Easiest 180 pips ever

    What about now? :cool:
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    At the rate these futures are moving by the open the markets will be up over 1%. They might even erase all losses from tuesdays drop. Now that would be hilarious.
    And please don't tell me the futures are rising on that worthless hyped gm ipo.
  9. Gm will help put another 500 on the dow. Probably sell at 40 now.
  10. Is GM still part of Dow Jones Industrials after the bankruptcy?
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