Why is economy not soaring with $6 trillion of stk wealth added?

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  1. $6 trillion of stk wealth has been added in 8 months. why are not home and car sales going wild?hell anyone who $ cost averaged since the internet bubble highs in 2000 is up 60% or more
  2. Tell that to the people who started dollar cost averaging into the Nasdaq in 2000.

    Dollar cost averaging is a joke.

    Buy and hold is a joke.
  3. Relative to where they might have been had the market not been up 60%, one might able to easily say 'home sales and car sales are going wild.'
  4. the only thing that soars under obama is rhetoric and debt
  5. huge future debt obligations that people are appreciating will have to paid off.
  6. Ahh, you assume everyone bot the lows and is swimming in cash. Reality is most are still even underwater from where their avg is in, and quite a few sold lower than here on fear, and have not gained anything back on this retracement.
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    Because the consumer put their head in the Lion's mouth and the Lion bit down. You won't be so quick to test the Lion a second time around. The Great Credit Orgy has ended. Consumers aren't going to go out and leverage their house and future to buy a new car. They are actually going to drive the one they have until the wheels fall off it and by the time that happens they are going to tap their savings and actually put something down rather than going full margin on that new set of wheels.

  8. 1) A lot of that "gain" may have been hedged away.
    2) There are still trillions of dollars of unrealized losses elsewhere that can easily offset any stock market "gains".
    3) Too few people are benefitting from recent "gains" in the market this year. :cool:
  9. ^this.
  10. http://usdebtclock.org/
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