Why is Donald Trump selling get rich quick seminars ?

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  1. I was up late last night and seen a get rich quick infomercial hosted by Donald Trump.

    Trump claims he can teach you to get rich by teaching you his methods.The seminar is free but the fine print on the screen says material will be for sale(of course)

    Why is a billionaire involved in this ?

    I've read in the past that Trump is not a billionaire and its just a ploy to sell the trump brand and its the people behind the scenes who finance and profit the most from trumps real estate.I'm thinking it may be true
  2. I don't think he all by his lonesome is a billionaire either. He seems to know how to get people to give him money and extend him credit IMO.

    I probably have more liquid assets than he does. (not to mention he is one ugly mo-fo)
  3. Yeah, he'd be a mere multi millionare without his credit line.
    Trump is worth, really, what-a floating equity-construction/gaming empire?
    Mmm, solid foundations.

    Hey, he's probably a better businessman than most.
    But he's a much , much better sales guy than most.

    His hair still sux though. All that money, and he cant get good hair.........
    there is a god
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  5. trump is an ego maniac like cramer. they will do or say anything to get their face on tv.money is secondary to people like that.
  6. BINGO!!!

    He never did quite master the concept of a PROFITABLE business. He is still struggling with the concept of having enough cash flow to cover the interest payments.

    Ehhh wouldn't go that far. The terms of his first BK allowed him to keep almost all his personal assets, against the wishes of the creditors. Nowdays, he get very little equity, if any, just a pay package and free promotion. His personal assets are quite secure, he is too smart to stupidly risk his own money when there are plenty of suckers out there.

    DJT anyone?

    P.S. I'm sure his current GF is better looking than what you got.
  7. In my opinion Donald Trump is the biggest con- artist of the last century. He has burned all access to the traditional capital markets and now must sell anything he can brand just to meet his huge alimony obligations. He now has his own line of clothing, a cologne, financial seminars, golf video, believe it or not a Trump action figure, he is also trying to borrow money to start Trump University Online. What a clown.