Why is china backing NK

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  1. We are Chinas biggest customers, wont it make more sense to side with the US not NK?
  2. Short term we're a customer. Long term we're the enemy. What better time to start a fight. Our military is spread thin, economy in shambles, the world in general has a low opinion of us, we have a low opinion of ourselves, and our leadership can't manage a f'n oil spill, let alone a "real" war, with a "real" opponent.
  3. I see, this makes more sense. Sort of the Boil the frog slowly plan. We give china the rope and we end up hanging ourselves with it eventually plan.
  4. China and NK joined at the hip. Look into the past, and the last thing US needs is to enflame this situation and piss China off.
  5. Historically, Korea has always been their backyard. They intervened not just in the 1950 Korean War but in the 1500's, The 7-year war, Chinese imperial troops poured in by the hundreds of thousands to defend Korea against Japanese invasion(a war in which they won), and in 1890(which they lost)
  6. I think it will be a good thing. We fucked up when we got into bed with communists. I mean what the hell were the babyboomer generation thinking when they thought it was a good idea to offshore our industrial output to a communist country and endup a debtor to a communist country.

    A good megawar will be like splashing water on someones face to wake them up. Once this war happens the US will be better for it in the long run when we decide it is time we go back to basics and bring back our industrial base and stop being a country of consumption.
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    Everyone who thinks that we are good guys and other countries are bad guys has succumbed to years of propaganda and brainwashing.

    Most people would be surprised to find out that United States is guilty of every single charge we ascribe to others like China.

    It's an ugly world out there for everybody.

  8. Are you joking? Go look at the Chinese Army marching on You Tube. That must be some good weed you smokin'.
  9. wonder how the russians will play it

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  10. Self hatred and ignorance of history is not a good way to live.

    yes, the US and other countries have made bad decisions and cost people their lives while nobody says a word about China in our current day, the US is still the bad guy on the block.

    With China's protection of that lunatic in N. Korea they pretty much have sanctioned the murder of millions of people. Add that to their other acts of support like Sudan and pretty soon other parts of Africa and let's not forget their own people, we are now talking Hitler and later on Stalin numbers.

    The world is going to be very very sorry when China is the sole power on the planet.

    Very sorry indeed.

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