Why is ChaosNSX pumping a 88 cent stock (INGN) in the stock forum? A new ET low...

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by Port1385, Aug 24, 2008.

Should Baron ban ChaosNSX and William Rennick for pumping penny stocks?

  1. Yes, ban them.

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  2. No, allow them to post their jizz...

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  1. Just when you thought ET could get no lower allowing racists to post their jizz in the politics and religion section along with the sponsors who are routinely bashed, now we have a moderator pumping INGN in the stock forum section.

    Why is Baron and Joe allowing this to continue?
  2. port1384................ the boys on other trading sites............ well, .............. they can speak roughly too sometimes.

    I can see you've led a rather....... sheltered life.
  3. hughb


    ??? He doesn't appear to be pumping it to me, it just seems like he likes the stock. His thread is a good response to those who bitch and moan about a lack of real time trades being posted. If it doesn't work out you can give him all the shit you want, but you don't have any valid reason to have the thread removed.
  4. Joe


    We have a rule, no penny stocks. So I'll be taking care of this.

  5. At what point do you add FRE and FNM to the penny stock rule?
  6. I think the rule goes by dollar amount OR average volume. I looked, but couldn't find the exact rule. I believe it states 5 dollars&under OR under 1 million in avg volume.


    INGN trades at 70k a day and 88 cents.
  7. Magna

    Magna Administrator

    You got it. Here's the specifics — any stock (not OTCBB or Pink Sheets) can be discussed that meets at least one of the following two criteria:

    1. It trades above $5.... or
    2. It has at least 1,000,000 shares of average daily volume.

    If a stock does not trade above $5 and does not have an average daily volume of at least 1,000,000 shares then for our purposes it's a penny stock and we don't want it discussed at ET.
  8. hughb


    Those regulations seem like they were born from technical analysis. How about some "Buffet" style regulations? Let's say a company has to meet certain earnings before it can be discussed? How about a certain debt ratio?

    I've bought a few stocks under $5 a share and discussed them right here on ET where regulation prohibits such discussion, is there a statute of limitations? Maybe I should hire an attorney and turn myself in.

    I think you guys outpace Arnold Schwarzennegger when it comes to regulation. He signed something like 500 bills into law in his first month in office.
  9. Technically its not on otcbb. Its a nasdaq listed stock, though it does on "average" trade under 1MM shares a day.

    A lot of interesting equities do under a 1MM ADV. A lot of what I was taught and have learned over the years is that the oppurtunity comes from these areas that the funds over look, or have not entered yet. Whereas even if they are trying to currently enter it takes multiple days and the footprints bigger and easier to spot.

    250K minimum ADV sounds better, but right now INGN does not meet that criteria. So I will refrain from any further contribution on it.

    By the time there is significant volume in it, usually its the confirmation of an already good trade. Just wanted to clarify its not technically a penny stock.

    Also lastly I'd like commend Port on his superb and consistent ability to proverbially "crap where he eats". Such self hatred takes years of obvious trading/investing frustration to develop. To bad a conniption can demotivate and cause a potential contributor to refrain from further discussion. Its not worth their time, or energy.

    *clap clap*

    P.S. Launching stones from a glass house is not so smart.. You Port even had a thread you started on real penny stocks back in July. We are talking sub 5 cent otcbb pieces of Junk. So should you be retroactively banned, or did you think you were trying to start a an actual discussion?
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