Why is bullying and harassment condoned on ET?

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by baro-san, Jun 26, 2012.

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    :confused: It's way beyond free speech.
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    Is that as specific as you're going to get?
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    I often use the "complain" feature.

    There are threads that signal new posts, and when I check them I keep finding the same posters repeatedly posting the same garbage, using rude language, harassing the people interested in those subjects, bullying them into not participating.

    This kind of posting may be okay toward a public figure, being maybe a political statement, and falling marginally under the free speech protection, but is unacceptable between regular people, even on an anonymous forum.
  4. Have you considered that perhaps you have too delicate a disposition to participate in the customary rough-and-tumble of an anonymous forum where people speak their minds freely?
  5. To be fair, of all the internet forums about trading that I lurk/post on... this place has the most bullheaded and abrasive atmosphere.

    It doesn't bother me.. just an observation.

    I know many former posters who have left this place because of the attitude.
  6. I have a number of possible explanations for that. Real traders exasperated by pretend traders. Outrage at con artists who hustle the gullible. Posters who pose as gurus but speak in the most turbid turgid manner imaginable. Totally ignorate noobs who seek advice and then argue with you about it. Idiot sponsors who post the same announcement in six different fora. Sock puppets talking to themselves. Trading psychologists who don't trade. Non-native speaker spammers who think they're being subtle. That's just for starters.
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    Can you please list the names of the posters who you find are "repeatedly posting the same garbage"?
  8. He seems to be slow in responding. Let me help: RCG Trader, TIKITTRADER, Jack Hershey, SK0, Stepan7, the usual suspects.
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    One's hero is another's villain ... My point is that bullying and harassment are a disgrace both for the perpetrator and for his enablers.
  10. and I thought we were good friends Al ...

    hey, there appears to be a theme to your post ; )
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