Why is bitcoin futures allowed when bitcoin is unregulated?

Discussion in 'Financial Futures' started by learner88, Dec 4, 2017.

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    This just tells me that the govt is averse to the idea of outlawing bitcoin: first regulated exchange coinbase, now futures. I guess it's better to tax it than ban it completely.
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  2. Even though it's unregulated there's integrity of the whole market and system due to the underlying technology, its design, the number of participants (investors, exchanges), number of coins in circulation, level of volume traded and government oversight.
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  3. There’s absolutely no difference between BTC spreads and what HFT does in the markets.
    Pay for the fastest feeds and co-location and you automatically win.
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  4. %%
    Well BAC is for it, in the sense that should damp down volatility. LOL I'm more inclined to agree with IB founder WSJ ad , bit con, i mean bit coin, has no fundamental value.History maybe a help, people paid $ 8,000 for pineapple early=not a pine or apple LOL. But it looked like pinebark + sweet........LOL
    I paid $00.98 for a huge can of pineapple, chopped up.Glad to see Chicago get in it; not a prediction + I AM NOT saying bit con is worth 00.98. I see my copper dealer is paying $5 for a JFK $00.50 silver coin, but some value that like what PT Jones names ''fine art'' LOL
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    Forex trading is not regulated either btw. Yet you have regulated forex futures.
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  6. The U.S futures exchanges, clearing merchants, brokers and platform providers are losing just too much business to the crypto market so on this rare occasion they're willing to bend a few rules in the name of profit.
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    CFE Bitcoin update. The margin requirement from the CFE will now be 44% of the daily settlement price. It is basically a moving target as it was lower before. Wedbush will allow trading in this but at 2X the CFE requirement. BTW, the CFE Future is for one Bitcoin and the CME will be for 5! I have no margin information for the CME yet,

    I'm getting a number of requests for information.

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    A margin requirement that changes daily. Walking on eggshells comes to mind.
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  9. at 45% margin or 2X that, all they are doing is stealing the flow from the dedicated bitcon exchanges.

    It's all out war against those usurpers
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    I just still don't understand how to manage the extreme volatily during the weekend.

    Cryptocurrencies are traded 24/7 on the main exchanges like bitfinex, kraken, GDAX ....

    I think there will be a monster volatility on Friday in the last 10 minutes...
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