Why Is Bear At 6$ When Its Being Bought For 2$

Discussion in 'Trading' started by dsq, Mar 18, 2008.

  1. dsq


    ...THINKING that this is a good short maybe since the bsc is basically a chap 7 stock and is just benefitting from the market pop today...what do you all think....please no posts by day7793/hedgefund2/stocktradr3...
  2. more bids to come maybe?
  3. Deal is already closed. no more bids. Ka-put. Joe Lewis is a fool and he wont get a better price.
  4. S2007S


    If the deal is done why is it trading near $7 and not $2.00 It opened up around $3.50 on Monday, up over 100%.
  5. Idiots in denial think they can salvage the stock. It's quite pathetic, actually.
  6. bt116


    bid is not a $2 cash bid, its .054 shares of jpm/share of bsc.
  7. Hmm astute. I rescind my comment. its like the microsoft-yahoo deal. its not cash but share conversion. Keep forgetting that.
  8. But JPM hasn't tripled since Friday.
  9. rumors that the deal will not be approved and bsc will be back on open market to whomever. rumor of another bank having interest.
  10. bt116


    Its a good point. The deal hasn't been approved by shareholders yet, but it didn't read like the type of thing where they had much of a choice with all of the considerations jp was getting.
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