WHY is Baron and ET SPAMMING me now?

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by Maverickz, May 17, 2011.

  1. I am now getting SPAM from:
    "AMP Global Clearing<baron@elitetrader.com>"

    How can I stop this nonsense? Baron needs to stop violating my trust and abusing my email. I boycott sites and companies that employ the use of SPAM so Baron has only ensured that I will not use AMP Clearing or Ninja Trader...EVER. Is there a way to stop this SPAM or do I need to stop using ET as well?
  2. r-in


    My guess it is from somewhere esle. I have never gotten any spam that I could relate to ET.
  3. Maverick74


    No, it's from Baron. He admitted a few weeks back that he occasionally sends spam out. It's not "his" spam. People pay him to send it out.
  4. I found an unsubscribe button and it said it unsub'ed me but those unsub buttons in emails rarely work. In most cases it only confirms to the spammer that the email address they spammed was valid and makes them double their efforts. Hopefully Baron will at least honor these unsub requests.
  5. I've got a spam email yesterday too. Not sure if it was the same one you got because I deleted it right away though.
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    If you're getting it in ET private message inbox...nothing you can do about it.

    In contrast, if you're talking about your actual email address. There's a few common sense things you can do about it.

    1) Baron has it setup so that you can go into your ET member profile and than click "Edit Options". You simply, click the NO on the "Allow Bulletin Board Administrators and Moderators To Send You Email Notices" and the "Receive Community Bulletin Email".

    Note: Baron or Joe has never clarified that the above is needed to prevent receiving emails from them that represent services by the sponsors. I just assumed it's the reason why I stop receiving spam from them when I change the box from Yes to No.

    2) Don't use your primary email address. Instead, use an alternate email address that you don't mind getting junk mail in the inbox, spam box or trash box. That's what Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail is useful for...to collect email from those you don't want to know your real email address and to prevent that stuff from reaching your primary email address.

    Yep, you can go into your "Edit Profile" and change your email address to an email address that's setup to get junk mail. For example, I use Yahoo...any emails I get from ET management or members goes directly into my "Spam box" or "Trash box"...never my Inbox. Thus, nothing to get upset about. :cool:

    Strongly agree. Reason why my suggestion #2 above is very helpful.

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    Maybe that is the answer. I use a scrap email address for anything unimportant, or offers potential for spam. I rarely check it and when I do I just hit delete as I know it is crap email. I have nothing in the email, and I never have anyting important sent to it. I haven't used one of my "safe" email addresses for anything in at least 6 years.
    I didn't realize Baron was selling info. I may have to charge for usage. I called one of our cradit cards and told them I was submitting an invoice for using our information to sell to advertisers/scammers. The Customer service guy blew a gasket, and when he put me through to his supervisor he went nuts. I may have laughed harder than I ever have for a simple phone call.
  8. This was mentioned a few months ago, it's revenue for ET. Scroll to the bottom , Email Advertising


    $2,250 to reach 45,000 potential customers, that's only $0.05 each.
  9. I will try this. I don't want to use a trash email because I do like getting the notifications for replys to threads, just not the spam.

    On a similar note...NO ONE has my real email address....not even family or friends. I run my own mail server and every single person, company, or website, gets assigned an alias for my real email address. So if I get spam I know exactly the company or person responsible based on the unique email address they spammed. I can then delete the offending alias and can stop doing business with whomever sent the spam or sold my address without having to interfere with communications from other sites or companies.

    This is how I know beyond a doubt the spam came from ET because it came to the email address known only to the ET website.
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    I been here a few days. The Dictator has never directed any unsolicited emails from sponsors to me. Guess ol' Baron just don't like me.:( :p
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