Why is Ballmer still the CEO of Microsoft.

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  1. He decimated shareholder equity during his term.

    He seems intent on making a mockery of his own company.

    The new Zune product is garbage (takes 6-30 seconds to load apps and you are forced to watch advertizements)

    Xbox360 is still not generating positive profits to offset the huge losses.
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    How an idiot like Ballmer ever got to be the CEO of Microsoft in the first place is a mystery that I will never understand. Bill Gates is one of the smartest guys around, but keeping Ballmer around for so long had to be his all-time stupidest decision. And it was so obvious right from the beginning... would you want this guy running your multi-billion dollar corporation???

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    OK, here's another one!

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    I have met Balmer (and Gates too in person)
    while working at MSFT ( in the 80's)
    Balmer was our project director at the IBM/MSFT joint project I was assigned to.....(care to guess what OS?)
    anyways, he came to our weekly project meeting and he then struck me as a person with a loose screw. For one instance he laid down on the floor....during our meeting and managed to carry a conversation while in that position....
    He should have been locked up then and gates should have found a better CEO......
    just my 2 cents....
  6. Must be something to do with his intense dislike for chairs.
  7. loza

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    the secret is they were school mates at Harvard...
    strongest bond rightly or wrongly with people is romanticized school fraternity.
  8. FB123


    Actually, I think I know what it is. Gates is a shy, quiet, withdrawn, internally focused person. His strength is in seeing the big picture of things, and understanding where supply/demand for technology is going to go in an aggregate way... but what he is NOT experienced at, and certainly wasn't a few decades ago, is in reading and understanding people on a personal level. To a quiet nerd like Gates, a brash loud talker like Ballmer might seem appealing: "Here's a guy who is good at all the things I'm am not good at: talking to people, convincing them to buy our product and/or work with us, etc... I'll just hire him and let him handle all that stuff so I can concentrate on what's important to me!". I've seen this before, where a shy/quiet entrepreneur type gets a salesman-type of partner because he thinks it's going to compensate for all of his weaknesses. Usually it doesn't work out, as the loud idiot ends up causing a lot more trouble than he's worth... but the Gates type will often stick loyally with him for a long time, and because of the personality difference will often not have the balls to challenge and/or get rid of him, unless the guy REALLY screws up. Ballmer might very well be an intimidating type of person to someone like Gates.

    Einstein was a genius too, but wasn't the smartest guy in his personal life... just because you're smart in one area, doesn't mean you're smart in all areas.
  9. loza

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    +5 for the psychology... but as I say for some reason their bonding goes back to their youth (college year at Harvbard) when Bill made his first million and wrote a check to the IRS for the half....they almost sent it back but he knew that there was plenty more where the first mill came from..
    Balmer (the fool) actually graduated :confused: