Why is ASIA not dropping?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by mysharona2, Sep 25, 2008.

  1. With the bailout not happening you would think a sell-off would ensue. But no, it's a very slight dip.
  2. they are laging us by a day.
    If we sell off hard tommorow.. he'll sell off hard on sunday our time
  3. No i mean now. Asia is trading now. And there is no sell-off.

    It's morning now in Asia. No sell-off. Why?
  4. just because some senator said "bailout is off" doesn't mean it is off. Things take a long time to make it through these idiots who i guarantee although on tv they are saying "bipartisan this bipartisan that" are playing there little bullshit political games and they are not PURPOSEFULLY delaying this this is just reality of how stupid and inefficient democracy really is.

    just to give u an example the recent solar bill took 9 times this year before it got passed AND EVEN then the last part of it got split into 3 parts and the last part is suppose to be voted on this week, i'm just giving u that example because i am playing solars right now.
  5. Asia always follows the US market result. We had a good session today and although the futures are indicating a sha-lacking for tomorrow, Asia does not follow the US futures.

    Thus no sell-off..............yet!

    Blame McCain and his idiocy for f*cking up the bailout plan!
  6. where have you been?

    the Bailout has fallen apart.

    thats positive news for Markets worldwide.I expect a huge rally here in the US tomorrow.
  7. Our credit market seize up without this lubrication..... and you think we will rally? Put down that crack pipe and walk away from the kids...... you may do something stupid.
  8. Every asian market has been selling off all session. Nothing but downtrends everywhere I look. Not sure what you're looking at.