Why is an up market called

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  1. bullish and a down market called bearish?

    I've always wondered about this.

    Running with the bulls? Running with the devil?
  2. Bears strike down with their paws and bulls up with their horns.
  3. that and the fact that bulls have bigger balls... :D
  4. In the old days, stock market was traded in an office with a big board where traders posted their orders. The buy orders are written on a note, or bulletin, then posted on the board. When there was a lot of buy orders, the board is full of bulletins, hence 'bullish'. When there were no buy orders, the board is bared, hence 'bear'.

    Cheers!! :)

  5. You wouldn't be telling us a tall tale like my ol' Grandpa, would you? Because this makes enough sense for me to believe it.


  6. hehehe.. no, it's the truth... I read it somewhere.. I'll find the source and give it to you... unless it WAS my granny who told me this story when I was a baby !!!! :D

    Cheers!! :p
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    I thought it was because Charles Dow - stepped in some bullshit-just prior to a mega-rally
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    Oh forgot to mention that most bear markets are simply unbearable

  9. I think we had this discussion and I said because bull markets are built on bull.
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