Why is america so desperate to engage iran in direct talks?

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    Because weakness, discord within the power structure was displayed publically for the first time.
    Iran will be a political football now. The dissidents have learned that next time they need to be more violent if they are to succeed.

    June 23 (Bloomberg) -- Russian President Dmitry Medvedev said he has secured the support of Israel and all other involved parties for Middle East peace talks, as he seeks to boost his country’s influence in the region.

    A “Moscow conference on the Middle East should become an important stage in our actions” toward peace talks, Medvedev said in a speech today to the 22-member Arab League in Cairo. “Today we have principal agreement from all parties.
  2. Are you implying that diplomacy is a bad solution? The US feels compelled to be involved with every foreign affairs issue so at least they are attempting to engage so in words instead of swords.

    Would you rather just militarily invade Iran on some irrational speculation that they may be creating nuclear weapons... with the same validity as we invaded Iraq because they had weapons of mass destruction?

    I'm sure that the US being over 10 trillion in debt can afford to waste more money funding another war... I'm sure it is worth sacrificing more American lives to fight against a "enemy" that has not done anything to threaten the U.S.

    I'm grateful McCain is not in power. At least the neo-cons can't pursue their imperialist agenda. Cheney acts like he has such a big d!ck and yet was deferred from the military four times. Bush too ran to the Texas Air Guard so he wouldn't have to go to Vietnam. Let's be grateful those tough guys are out of office.
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    We now have a POTUS who is proud of his Muslim roots.
  4. because he doesn't want to accept the fact that his assumption that he could engage countries like iran in a decent meaningful talk is stupid and silly

    the people around him are very stupid too, they have little understanding of these countries and how the leaders of these countries view life and the world, yet they want to plan the foreign policies of this country

    I promise you within the next few years so many things are going to go wrong both in respect to foreign and domestic policies
  5. They won't be, because their government is far more violent than them, the regime can easily commit mass murder if needed, plus people don't have the tools (ie guns) to fight back.

    Even if they topple the current regime (which they won't be able to), if they want to decrease the chances of violent assholes ruling over their lives in the future, they have to legalize guns. People there still don't realize that the cons of legalizing guns is far less than the cons of making it illegal, they assume that by legalizing weapons people will randomly kill one another.
  6. finally, somebody that gets it.
  7. You mean like the way that GEORGE BUSH sat idly by for 8 years while IRAN ramped-up their nuclear program???

    What a moron.
  8. I really don't think you can trust the Iranians. At least the ones

    in power.
  9. How old are you? How many shares a day, week do you trade?
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