Why in the Hell is Michael Covel infatuated with Curtis Faith?

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  1. 4DWB


    I read a couple of Covel's books a year or two ago and I really enjoyed them. I also recently read Curtis Faith's book and thought there was a lot of good info in there as well.

    What I can't understand is Covel's infatuation with Faith... it's like he bases a majority of the stuff on his website to try to needle Faith. It's really quite pathetic.

    So, what gives?
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  2. Visaria


    Curtis Faith was the best performing Turtle. He gave away the turtle rules for free (with permission). Covel sells the Rules for 3k USD. Curtis was a threat. Hence Covel didnt like him.

    All moot now. Curtis Faith is dead. RIP.
  3. themickey


    Yeah, they are / were on ET, correct?
  4. 4DWB


    I saw that Faith was in jail...never saw that he died.

    Still, it isn't moot. Covel still rags on him on his website constantly. IF he's dead (and even if he's not), why is Covel such a cry baby? He still sold a lot of books...

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  5. Maverick74


    Wait...what? When did he die? Last I saw he was arrested and I believe he was released from jail. When and how did he die?
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  7. eurusdzn


    "The reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated" ---Mark Twain
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  8. 4DWB


    Yes, Covel was sure to post multiple mug shots of Faith on his site. I'm telling you... it's like Covel was in love with Faith and Faith turned him down or broke up with him.

    Covel has a strange, strange, infatuation with Faith and won't let it go.

  9. Maverick74


    Is this what you saw?

    "We regret to inform you that Curtis Michael Faith was killed by Savannah Port Authority Police on Friday, while attempting escape from jail."

    His twitter account shows him posting this month though...
  10. 4DWB


    I don't think that's accurate -- there is no verification I can find anywhere that there ever was such an escape attempt or shooting.

    Besides, if it was true I'm sure Covel would have it plastered all over his site and he'd be trolling him all the way to the grave and beyond.
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