Why in and out in this kinda market?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by QdzResurrection, Dec 2, 2003.

  1. The market will do the job for you. That is always going higher. Does it worth to risk money and time by trying to avoid or take advantage of retracement? Buy buy buy and hold hold hold in this kind of market. And piss off those who just wants to take advantage of you being in and out. Again, 100% up room to go will sweet your deals with just little easy work.

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    Actually a good question in a bull market;
    however answer is some of us have been trading longer than Sept/03 & not every thing resurrects.

    Love Learning- Solomon,trader king.:cool:
  3. gnome


    1. When traded well (a goal often missed), one can outperform a bull market by a signficant margin. So, we always try.
    2. Contrary to the belief and confidence of the bulls, nobody knows when it will turn.
    3. It's what traders do.


    Well, let's see ... that same kind of logic could have been thrown out in early 2000, when the NASDAQ was over 5000. Those who continued to buy back then, and refused to sell, are likely still in a state of shock.
  5. Woh, you all sound funny. I said this kinda market... Don't you see the difference between 2003 and 2000?

    Outperform this bull market? Do you mean everyone should at least try? Come on, be realistic, if everyone outperform the market, where does the profit come from? So let me be the coward not to try and just be satisfied with the profitable that I got so far.

    By the way, everything resurrects sooner or later. Check what every word of qdz predecessors' in the past few years. Check what patriotic qdz's said back in March. It was only when September 2003 came that resurrecting qdz wanted to share the bull markets with you.

    Follow me with every word, THIS... IS...A...BULL...MARKET...AND...IT...IS...GONNA...GO...HIGHER...100...%...UP...ROOM...TO...GO.

  6. Now this is one condition under which I'd like to be a trader as you described. That is crooks including dealers, NASD, and CBOE fuck off, no PDT rules, no shorting rules, and no sucking cancellation fees.


  7. Vaquero


    Yeah....and who's watching the conflicts in and around the
    SEC and NASD....

    The objective of many lawyers is to get a job at the SEC or NASD...and then make the big bucks at a corporation vulnerable to some type of legal action...

    Hey guys and gals wink at each other on both sides of the fence...

    Legal business is big...and weird....

    These conflicts enable the big money to stay in action...and a
    lot of entrepreneurs to get eliminated...at the cost of the public...

    Yeah...look at who's really behind the PDT...oh...and there are no conflicts with the VP Cheney...Halliburton...etc...
  8. gam1111


    How are traders doing lately Day-Trading?

    i hear some doing making decent living and some losing money.
  9. gnome


    1. "Outperform this bull market?"... actually, it's been easy.
    2. Not everyone can do it, of course... nor wants to try
    3. If it does go up another 100%, those who trade "in-and-out" well will make 140%... maybe more.