Why Idiots Win

Discussion in 'Strategy Building' started by MarkBrown, Oct 25, 2008.

  1. MarkBrown


    1.) I'm to/o stupid to join a cult.
    2.) I'm to/o paranoid to believe anyone.
    3.) I'm to/o ignorant to run with a pack.
    4.) I'm to/o hard headed to give up.
    5.) I'm to/o impulsive to follow rules.
    6.) I'm to/o mean to respect any authority.
    7.) I'm to/o competitive to trust the known.
    8.) I'm to/o artistic to accept a structured environment.
    9.) I'm to/o pretty to be happy.
    10.) I'm to/o insane to be constrained.


    too? admitted idiot remember.
  2. vingbel


    You're too stupid to write. It's "too!"

    But you're probably still smarter than Palin.
  3. Too bad for you, Palin is smarter than you.
  4. WOW
  5. Surdo


  6. vingbel



    You need to talk to people who know her, before comparing her intelligence to mine.

    Unfortunately, she's not very smart.

    I don't know if you're a Republican, but, for me, once McCain picked her, that ticket was out of the picture.

    You can throw another insult at me as your reply, but it's not going to change the fact that having her a heartbeat away from the presidency is not something I'd wish on you or anybody.

    By the way, McCain now hates her. His inner circle is blaming her for the collapse of his candidancy. When the campaign is over, he's going to unload on her.

    Too bad. He screwed up, but , at least, he knows it.

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  8. What a hypocritial old bastard. :mad:

    He choose the bimbo, the least he could do is stick with her.

    btw, I don't really think she's a bimbo, I just think she's in way over her head.
  9. MarkBrown


    i would vote for the devil if he was on the ballot, that would better than the two choices we have. which btw we have no choices the system picks for you.
  10. vingbel


    Truth be told. I agree with you.

    If she had been thrust onto the scene ten years from, she might do okay. She would have had a decade to think about all the critical issues facing our country.

    But she was plucked before her time and now lack of knowledge and engagement on our national discourse is on display.

    Again, McCain screwed up. He ruined her potential career in politics. Even her Alaska negatives a way up now!
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