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    I do not consider myself a 'trader' by the standard of most members here. To make a picture even more clear I am a net negative trader, even though I've been covering my losses over last 2-3 months. I have a regular 9-5 job that gives me the space to watch the market and make my 'educated' guesses in the market.
    The reason I do follow the market, do the trades that I do is not the money, is not the fact that I can say that WOW i was right, it is more of a hobby that I 'spend' money on. I know I could be successful as a trader, since I've been successful in every aspect of my life that I have devoted my full attention to. Its not that I want to be 'scucessful' in terms of 10k a week traders, but I just plainly want to be in the commonity of people that don't take a bi-weekly check for granted.
    I do not actively post on this board, I do however try to look over what' new every week night. I've learned some stuff that definetly made me less unprofitable, however, I have nothing to speak of in terms of a profitable trading strategy, except for the excitement and the fun that I do get when I am riding the market, or... when the market is riding me.
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    I'm new to the boards and was just curious about your post. I trade full time but wasn't sure what you are asking in your post -- more info, more data, more education? Or just talking out loud? Just curious.
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    I don't need new data, new strategy or anything at all. There are plenty of resources out there to hit and study if i wanted.
    The focus of my post is that the reason why i 'trade'. I call it trading while most people wouldn't , since from what I sort of get from this board if you don't avg a certain number of ES points a day you're no good. I am just looking to hear from traders that have similar mindset as I do. I don't mind losses, i don't mind profits, what I do find thrilling is the simple fact of beeing able to witness the market, and be in the market. Why people think that everyone that would post here would specifically asking for advice? In a more 'normal' business setting a competitor in the same industry would never give away its best secrets. While secrets are unlimited you DO have to discover them yourelf. In summary, the simple cause of this post is just to look for people that love trading the market, but aren't out there to make the most points/day. For me a positive $300 day is way outside 2 Stdev of my reg take...
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