Why I Take Small Profits to Catch Bigger Profits

Discussion in 'Strategy Development' started by NoiseTrader, Apr 14, 2006.

  1. Infrequently trades develop in such a way that I feel no hurry whatsoever to take profits, in fact, I know I should do otherwise, add and increase my size as it moves my way. In most cases, I like to take a quick partial profits on a fraction of the initial position even if it theoretically diminishes the overall gain.

    For me, there’s something about ringing the cash register, and laying off part of a leveraged position that settles me down and puts me in a long strong position — where I can manage the rest of the position with greater equanimity.

    Now maybe over time, as old trading wounds completely heal up, my need to take partial profits will diminish. But, trades like my recent AMD long come along and remind me why I like to take partials.

    It's a good lesson trade for me as the trade imploded, yet due to aggressive trade management and partial profit-taking the trade actually made (to my great surprise) a profit. But, that's not the most important point.

    I had trade location long from 34.10 (4/10) and yesterday, (4/12) took larger than normal aggressive profits (one at 35.26 and the second at 35.49) due to the imminent release of earnings. And, on the morning of 4/13 got stopped out of my core (remaining) long at 31.97 for an average liquidation price of 34.24 for a .4% profit.

    Now, here comes the psychological kicker — if AMD had stopped me out of the entire long positon with zero partial profits, would I have been too bitten to hit offers in QN (Nat Gas) and put a new long on in a real volatile market and size position correctly? Maybe….then maybe not.

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  5. I agree with NoiseTrader totally. Taking partial profits is sometimes necessary in order to let one of those monster profits run sometimes. And you can definitely have several consecutive positions running on one security (especially with futures) each with its own signals/entry/exit.