Why I stole an old movie from library, despite being upper middle class

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    this has to do with trading believe it or not

    So I pull a trip to local library 15 min till closing, only to be told that I can't get a card that quickly, and to come back tomorrow

    I will not be dictated to by lazy no good employees

    I stole the DVD, took it to washroom and removed the DVD and walked out

    This is why I made it in trading, I won't take bullsh!& for answer

    you dreamers better start acting like me

    I am dead serious people

    I am dead serious
  2. The FBI will be at your doorstep in 5 minutes.
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    shit are you serious. OH my god, what have I done :p :p
  4. Stealing is a psychological problem,studies has suggested 60% people steal/take things before they are 50.It has nothing to do with how much money someone has.A NJ judge caught in dept store stealing in early ninties.Same thing goes with trading, breaking the rule/discipline and paying heavy prices.If someone has lot of traffic ticket,or other fines,fired from the job more than normal, will not going to be sucessful in trading.Thats why 90% people will fail in trading.:D :D :D :D :D
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    that's all fine and dandy

    but sometimes man steals because HE has been WRONGED
  6. you're a despicable thief. PERIOD
    being wronged is not an excuse to commit wrongs of your own.
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    Hey Mr. turn the other cheek

    ok fine, but let me ask you this

    the fact that I stole 4 k from some people trading Eminis on Friday

    does that make me bad as well

    or is that one fair and all warm and fuzzy

    do you even know where money comes from ?

    do you even know THAT EMPLOYER SQUEEZES LIFE out of employee on daily basis in order to make money



    clueless infant
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    this is war kido, and you are a soldier whether you know it or not
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    if you believe that you are naive

    I am glad you mentioned court and rules

    did you know that there are rules in our society that protect the rich FROM the poor

    do you honestly think all rules are in your favor

    little Infant :D
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