Why I respect Jim Cramer...

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  1. At first glance, you might think this is just another post designed to stir up a fight. However, let me tell you exactly why I respect Jim Cramer.

    Jim Cramer represents the average American who sometimes gets it right, but in the end, wipes out his account by either buying at the top or selling at the bottom. I have combed through some of Jim's picks and it appears he made the same mistakes that most average retail traders make...Lets take a look at a few of the slick picks:

    DEEP- He was saying to buy this on at 17 and now its at 5.

    WCI- Another where he said to buy in the 20s, now trading for about 3 bills.

    JSDA- Said to buy it all the way up and now its at 6 dollars and change.

    NYX- Said to buy at 100, said that it would go to 250. Now at 83.

    Then, a few weeks back, Cramer stated to just buy in and dont worry about the market. Its rate cut time and time to get into picks like BIDU and GOOG, then the market took a big dump.

    Oh Cramer. I do respect you as I respect the average American.

    How did you make all that cash through the years? Easy. Bulls not Brains.
  2. T 28 is back I see not for long I am guessing though
  3. the bottom line is=== That dipshit is the "britney spears" of finance

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  5. Someone should complete the package and cut is balls off with a dull knife. I don't really watch CNBC anymore. Getting to non-financial. I prefer Fox Business.

  6. Cramer is a Jew and it comes to him naturally. He has amassed 100 million dollars, lives in a 5 million estate, owns a part of Street.com and a charitable trust worth 5 million. He owns lots of munis and funds and other assets too.

    Lets be plain : The guy is smart and hard driven and you should respect him.
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    He's a fireball of enthusiasm and he loves the markets, just like I do. so I like the guy.

    His stock picks suck though.
  8. google this: survivorship bias
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    I am wondering,did it ever occur to anyone that while he is saying "buy" or "sell"-he is doing just the opposite? This guy MIGHT be smarter than most think!
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