Why I might vote for Barack

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  1. Well,

    After a lot of thought I may just end up voting for Barry. I have voted for Democrats before but primarily Republicans for fiscal issues alone.

    My reasons are as follows:
    Bush is the worst president in history and has been enabled by the republican congress.

    The rest of the world hates us and will be more apt to re establish ties if Barry is elected. We have better relationships to fight the islamic terror networks and get more cooperation.

    Sarah Palin is woefully unqualified.

    The only way the republican party can redeem itself is by being voted out.

    That being said, I figure Barry isn't qualified either for President and will probably screw the country up very badly. However, that will get a leaner meaner republican party back in.

    I'm depressed.
  2. Welcome to the correct side. Even though some of your reasons seem to me twisted.
  3. So is Obama. Hilary was right.

    I vote Republican for ONE reason. The President nominates Supreme and other major Court appointees. The LAST thing I want is Dems putting more social engineers on the bench!!!
  4. I do like that Barry has injected some optimism into american politics.

    He's woefully unqualified as well and will probably do a poor job as well.

  5. Yannis


  6. Both parties should consider having emergency conventions to nominate new candidates. Democrats would go with Hillary as President and Obama as VP. Republicans with Romney and Huckabee.
  7. Except it is unlikely Romney could win. The GOP depends on conservative voters, and Mormons are not at the top of their list. McCain has a better shot, bringing in some independents in an election year that the GOP will take it on the chin.
  8. Experience is more useful in replicating past results.
  9. You may be right, but I am looking more at the prospect of nominating people who actually have some experience and competency.
  10. You guys need people with brains AND integrity, honesty giving rise to trust.

    Ron Paul is the man...
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