Why I love Obama

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  1. Excellent clip.
  2. The law protects the consumer from many things..except from Insurance companies leaving the business of health care.

    No one ,Obama says, will be denied the right to keep their current insurance. Sounds great. What happens when those business's drop health care all together. There will be no penalties for companies under 50 employees to drop insurance.

    In that clip he keeps saying Bush did this, Bush wanted this, McCain wanted this....what a phony argument. Bush and McCain were both wrong on many of these things. And if they were right why not elect McCain.
  3. Of course you love Obama for this. You make no money trading so this benefits you greatly.

    He claims that this will be paid for by cutting costs in health care somewhere. So does that mean if it doesnt get paid for that way, what are our options? Oh...everyone pay higher rates. Thats our option.

    So if it costs you $1000 per month now to have health insurance and you cant afford it because you dont make any money, the government comes in and says "you only have to pay 20% of that and someone else will pay the rest" Then as many people decide not to get health insurance, and just pay the fine whenever they get sick (because they cant get denied anymore) that forces rates to go up higher. So now your rate will be $10,000 per month, but you only have to pay 20% of that. Enjoy paying $2k per month. But hey...at least you can just stop getting health insurance. I mean the fine is only $750. Just pay it when you get sick. No need for those pesky premiums every month. Just pay $750 and 1 month insurance when you get sick...I mean you cant get denied, right? So why pay?

    The "rich" people who are making 200k per year that will have to pay $7k per month in premiums surely would rather just not pay those premiums and just pay the little ol' $750 fine when they get sick.

    Tell me again how healthcare is going to get paid for?
  4. I'd be happy to tell you exactly how Health Care is going to get it's bills paid.
    100% Taxation. Get ready, it's a comin'!
    Unless the Reps get smart and decide who's got the best chance in 2012, and run ONE candidate. Just ONE, with total support from the Tea Party AND the RNC.
    Not gonna happen, but we can at least dream about it.
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  6. « Reform We Can Believe In
    Accelerating Orders Around the Globe

    Floyd Norris week continues here at the Big Picture. Today’s offering is a global review of surging new orders for businesses.

    In economic recoveries, Manufacturing tends to lead service businesses. But according to the data Norris points to, even service providers are now reporting increases in new business. After 14 consecutive months of declining orders — the longest stretch since the early 1980s — US manufacturers negative streak ended last May. Since then, ISM has been positive all but one month.

    Orders for Service companies finally began turning up in September 09. As Norris notes, “But by March, a higher proportion of companies were reporting gains than at any time since 2005.”

    The charts below reveal this is not limited to the US, but is a global phenomenon:

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    I'd like Obama - to show up at my front door!
    Followed by Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid.
    I have something for them. :D
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