Why I love daytrading....

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by midlifeguy, Sep 12, 2006.

  1. Bought and sold RIG in 12 minutes today and made $400. Even on a small scale like this...that is $100k a year.

    Load up on BHBC...company just tendered a bunch at $9 and I think may sell out in the $12 area.

    That is my hot tip.

  2. Surdo


    Do you average a profit of $400 every day?
    If so, how many months/years have you been?
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    Well done bro'....one trade though doesn't make a career...what's your track record...got a good system/method?
  4. I found a nickel on the ground today. It took me all of 2 seconds to spot it and pick it up. Let's see, if I keep this up I can find 14,400 nickels per day (8 hr day) which translates into $720 per day or $187,200 per year (without considering vacation or sick days).

    And no taxes. I beat you. :p
  5. I better not catch you making a post "Why I hate daytrading" and tell us how you lost 400 today, and then lost 100k in a year :)

    Well done...Keep it up!
  6. I once shorted KCI on ECNs and covered 1 min later to make $2400 I left early that day after about 30 minutes but still, according to the logic that's about $18 mil a year.

    Holy sh*t!!!:confused:
  7. Tonight I shall make passionate love to a wealthy 80 year old woman in exchange for assigning me as the beneficiary of her will and thus, her estate. Nobody can resist the Don Juan in me, so she will surely pass away after just a few hours.

    If I do this every night with women valued at a minimum of $1MM, this would translate into $260MM a year (based on a 5-day work week and not taking into consideration vacation or sick days).

    Take that Hydro :)
  8. Bravo. Now give me my fu*&ing nickel back. And my bag of cans.
  9. You have to count the expenses of Viagra and future therapy sessions (all that cottage cheese & withered flesh may leave you mentally scarred).

    Still got me beat, but apparently, if I were to capture the KCI type trades for 6 hours a day, that's about $216 mil a year. Wow, I make more money than I originally realized.
  10. I saved alot of money by switching to Geico...................................................................................... ;)
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