Why I Lie a Lot on ET

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  1. Those of us who do well enough to at least stay in the game have our treasured secrets. They are simple secrets, to be sure, which is part of their robustness. They are also often absurd, which is part of their secret. Now every now and again some neofight trader here will randomly chance upon one of our treasured absurd and absurdly robust secrets and ask "Does this really work?" I have observed over the years that these brilliantly naive questions usually are met with stony silence. My fear is that this makes the noob think he is right, otherwise everyone would heap the customary ET scorn upon him. So I reply as fast as I can upon seeing such a post something like: "When you see this happen it is so striking you think it must be true. But let me assure you that it is a random occurrence and happens so rarely that it is not tradeable. I have proved this to my satisfaction with exhaustive backtesting. But I encourage you to keep looking. The Holy Grail IS out there!"
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    Keep up the good work :)
  3. You are such a dork Joe Doaks
  4. You lie because you're a good republican

  5. Thanks for expressing your appreciation. My childhood hero was the 50's matinee short feature actor Joe McDoakes. I am related to the substantial Southern matron of a certain age who says "All my life I wanted to look like Liz Taylor, and now I do!"
  6. Another Lie indeed!

  7. You suck your ass, so you have to lie here
  8. My first reaction was to put you on ignore. Then I thought to myself, "I have tried to suck my own dick, maybe sucking ass has something to offer." So I ask you, as an expert, do you recommend it? Now you are on ignore and I will never know.
  9. That, is also a Lie!
  10. "A tiger can smile
    A snake will say it loves you
    Lies make us evil"

    — Chuck Palahniuk, Novelist & Journalist, b. 1961
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