Why I Chart in One Second

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  1. Je fais mes apologes to those who think this should be a pure mind forum. I ascribe to the mind-body theory, to a great extent because my drug of choice, mid-priced California champagne (only "methode champagnenoise" need apply, "bulk charmat" not accepted) felicitously affects both my mind and my body. But I digress. Champagne, the alcoholic's vitamin A, tends to slow both the mind and the pulse, and has been known to result in death by drowning if one is so dim-witted as to fill the hot tub to the brim. So I keep the hot tub shallow, and compensate for the one deleterious effect of Vitamin A(lcohol) by watching a one second chart. That speeds up my mind while keeping the buzz on. It also regulates my heart rate at a health 60 beats per minute, faster than it could be regulated in a sustained fashion by penile stroking by the most motivated consort (when a waitress offers to grind pepper onto my salad and says "Tell me when to stop," I always respond "Just keep going until your hand gets tired."). It also offers me 23400 trade entries and exits, and for those 6.5 hours, I feel more vibrantly alive than I do when I am passed out afterward. Those mental slugs among you who chart in one minute, or heaven forfend, five minutes, like Jack, who need not reply because he is on ignore, do not realize that Bitch Market, like every other woman, changes her mind in a second. She reacts to support and resistance like she does to a pair of colorful shoes espied in peripheral vision at Nordie's awesome shoe department, which incidentally rarely stocks in my size.
  2. Hence the term, "crack logic".
  4. Do you know how long it has been since anything other than stupidity caused me to laugh out loud at an ET post? And all this time I have been enjawing your serious posts!

  6. Ever hear the one about Winston Churchill at some dinner party. Very swanky and he was being a bit rude to some guests. A stern looking women of mature years looked on disapprovingly. After a while she couldn't restrain herself. Narrowing her eyes and peering into Churchill's jowly face she muttered "if you were my husband I'd kill you!" Churchill retorted immediatley "Madam, If I were your husband I'd kill myself!".
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    You little Devil, Art. Don't OD on that vitamin A! :D
  8. And Dorothy Parker, upon hearing of the death of Cal Coolidge, querried "How can they tell?"
  9. My trading quickly sobered me up. All my strategies are three deep. This morning the first level strategy said to short. I shorted. It was a loser. The next level said reverse long. I reversed long. It was a loser. Need I tell you what the third level strategy had me do? Blessedly, I am trashed again.
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    Well, at least you have attained consistency, which is more than most ETers
    can claim
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